An Italian Inspired Tablescape

A European dreamscape of timeworn textures, preserved autumnal botanicals & eclectic antique decor in our latest tablescape & ceremony shoot.

Photography by Megan Kelly.

Inspired by the romance and poetic history of Italy’s rich and ancient landscape, comes our latest wedding shoot by The Lane’s wedding stylist The Romance and photographer Megan Kelly. Steeped in crumbling, timeworn facades, a palette of golden, ageing hues and eclectic antique decor, Deux Belettes is recreated into an enchanting setting for an intimate soiree…

A symphony of ageing grace, every styling element is imbued in a textural, authentic rawness succumbed to the touch of time. Preserved hydrangeas and lunaria climb crumbling stone, textural, handcrafted menus adorn earthen ceramics, antique candelabras and sculptural busts surround centrepieces, crumpled and frayed silks drape across tables and are hand-stitched into avant-garde bridal gowns… all fragments of a poetic history colliding into an enchanting Italian mood.


“When playing with like tones, remember the importance of texture, as this is where light and shade will bring your look to life.”
– The Romance

Styling Tips


Recreate a Destination Wedding Locally

In a time where international travel is uncertain, introducing subtle touches of European charm to our celebrations can transport guests beyond your own backyard. Considering the the architecture or location of your venue should be your starting point, we like Deux Belettes, The Highline Hotel or Churchill for an Italian inspired wedding, The Lake House or Hopewood House for an English garden setting, or even for a more New York-esque warehouse celebration then Higher Ground, The Panama Dining Room or Beta Events to name just a few.

The overall mood and creative direction of the wedding should support this, with the decor, signage, music and florals all distinctly tying the event to your destination of choice to create an intoxicating atmosphere for your guests. Be sure to consider the authenticity of all of your styling choices but avoid literal references which will make it too ‘themey’ or kitsch, instead opting for more design orientated touches that allude to the atmosphere you are trying to create (for example the brass candelabras, sculptural busts and crumbling stone slabs used here to evoke an Italian mood).


Use a Monochromatic Palette

To let texture reign and allow elements to naturally feel cohesive, invest in a palette that dances between light and dark of just one shade. Here, earthen autumnal browns are used as the base, swept with touches of dark umber and glimmers of gilded adornment, tarnished bronze and soft sandstones to illuminate an otherwise muted palette.


Soften Hard Surfaces

When styling a space made of hard, cold surfaces such as stone or concrete, or using elements of these within your decor, balance out with softer, more fluid styling elements to create a more inviting and harmonious look. Accents such as draped linen spilling over a table, floor to ceiling drapery, large garden blooms organic forms can all achieve this.

Photography / Megan Kelly

Styling / The Romance

Venue / Deux Belettes

Florist / Nikau Flora

Cake / Marina Machado Cakes

Furniture / Frank & Joy

Sculptures, Travertine, Vessels / Sir Ivory

Glassware, Bottom Plates, Candle Sticks / Table For Louis

Cutlery, Top Plate, Table Cloth / The Romance

Napery / Songbird Silk

Stationery / The Line Press

Bridal / About Phaedra

Jewelry / Maison Roe

Model / Cynthia Taylu @ Busy Models

Hair & Makeup / Alex Ousten Beauty



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