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A guide to creating bohemian textured waves for your wedding day with hairstylist Liam Hubbard of Edwards & Co Salon

For ethereal beach wedding hair, create romantic, bohemian waves inspired by the movement of wind. Use weightless products to add volume and texture for a look that feels beautifully nonchalant against an elegant gown.

We chat to Liam Hubbard of Edwards & Co. Salon on how to achieve effortlessly tousled waves, and his favored products to style the look yourself.

Lasting waves that will hold throughout the day have always been just beyond our grasp. Locks loosing life before we’ve even arrived, seemingly brushing out and fluffing up in a hopeless attempt to revive. “The key is prepping the hair correctly… and using lightweight products to add texture.” Liam suggests. “Dry texture or sea salt sprays, spray waxes and any volumizing dust products or pastes with a cream base (see Liam’s recommendations below) will give stability when combined and applied using fingers.” 

“Firstly spray the hair evenly with a working hairspray, leaving for a few minutes to dry before brushing the product out. Then, using your preferred method of tongs, separate hair and curl in varying directions from the mid lengths to ends for an undone, natural look. The heat will activate the product and set into a ringlet. Once finished curling, allow the hair to cool down before brushing the curls out and lightly adding any extra texturizing product; this allows the hair to stay fresh and not overly tacky with product.”

When finished, leave hair out to softly fall across the shoulders, or pull back into a low ponytail, loose hair knot or braid. We recommend forgoing a veil, instead add a crystal adorned haircomb or floral hairpin for a final touch, sweeping a section of the hair to the side or back of the scalp. If more volume is desired throughout the day, lightly use a textured spray or lifting product on the roots and work through with fingertips. 

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