Bo & Luca Spring ’20 Collection

A look behind the new wildly romantic collection, ‘Ophelia’s Memoirs’, with designer and founder Shannon Pittman.

There’s a beautiful poetry to every Bo & Luca collection; a sense of whimsy perfectly balanced with a restrained complexity, a symphony of detail and simplicity dancing into harmony. The brand has become synonymous for their wildly romantic, bohemian aesthetic, reinventing their hallmarks of hand dyed silks, intricate ancient beadwork and embroidery, vintage inspired details and effortless, fashion-driven silhouettes each season.

Yet the Bo & Luca woman is not predictable; she is fearlessly independent, authentic and complex, carving out her own style, her own way – breaking away from the conservative mould the industry has painted for a bride. The duality of her is unabashedly modern and forward thinking and yet seamlessly effortless, and entices us to push the boundaries within our own work and what we define as ‘bridal’. Here, we delve deeper into the new Bo & Luca collection, ‘Ophelia’s Memoirs‘, and discuss the inspirational stories and women behind the season with Bo & Luca Designer and Founder Shannon Pittman…

Tell us the story behind this season, the inspiration and the silhouettes explored…

‘Ophelia’s Memoirs’ celebrates the artistry and the perfect imperfection of hand-beading on sensual silks and chiffon. In a world of fast fashion and machine-made pieces, we’ve stayed true to our roots, lovingly hand-dyeing each piece in loose-leaf White tea before hand-beading the gowns using the ancient Indian art of Tambour. Alongside my team we’ve delved into newfound creative realms with a more alluring and sensual approach to the bohemian bridal style. We’ve given our gowns a touch of whimsy and alluring refinement with silhouettes that softly fall over the body; creating pieces that are easy to wear and non-constricting. We’ve forgone layers of voluminous tulle and made a statement with each hand-beaded design, woven over diaphanous silks and delicate fabrics. As always, we’ve paid homage to one of our favorite eras, the 70s, with billowy, voluminous sleeves, pussy bow necklines and tasseled trimmings.