Burnt Blooms

Arrangements in rich Autumnal palettes, transformed into sculptural works of art


With the fall being a season that evokes a sense of comfort, warmth and new beginnings it’s easy to see why our obsession with Autumnal flowers is set to extend itself far beyond just the milder months of the year.

Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, Autumn represents a color palette of intensely rich earthy tones in burnt brown, rusted orange and velvet like chocolate and mulberry hues. With the falling of the flowers, foliage takes on a new appearance and a plethora of marigold and flame ridden leafy varieties become freshly abundant.

(image: Coyote Flowers)

Arrangements and bouquets begin to transform into sculptural works of art with a definitive focus exhausted on texture, space, lines and asymmetry. Techniques such as Ikebana have a strong presence, and the techniques spiritual process of signifying closeness with nature is all too fitting with the season of new beginnings.

If the depth and vibrancy of the traditional tones are too bold for your liking, you may find the combination of burnt brown, champagne and spiced vanilla more palatable.

Style Tip

When pairing your Autumnal blooms with your wedding aesthetic, ideally you want to keep the remaining elements of your wedding styling and attire on the warmer end of the spectrum. Select ivory over pure white, beige over grey and charcoal over black to ensure a rich harmonic sequence of layers.



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