Dan Jones 2018 Bridal Campaign

Masterful cuts, clean lines and liquid-like fabrics

Allured by his masterful cuts, clean lines and liquid-like fabrics – there’s an effortless ease to Dan Jones’ designs. An Australian designer working previously under the wing of Collette Dinnigan, his pieces exude a simplicity grounded in luxurious fabrics. Gowns that transcend bridal trends and feels both elegantly timeless and boldly modern.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the Dan Jones team to create the 2018 Campaign, and spoke to Dan about his vision for the latest collection… (also take a behind the scenes peek at the campaign on The LANE).

What inspired this collection?

I was really inspired by 90’s super models and editorial photography from the time. Clean, minimal black and white images, stunning models exuding freedom and femininity and classic clothes and silhouettes.


How has this collection evolved from your previous?

I would say there is a little more finer detail/texture then usual but its the direction that most of my brides are going in.


The Dan Jones brand is for brides looking for?

A gown that is chic, luxe and effortless to wear and an experience that is comfortable, filled with honesty and seamless.

What have you noticed changing about bridal fashion? What are brides asking for?

I feel more brides are open to the “less is more” concept.  More brides are willing to take a risk and wear something that’s less expected from friends and family, and a lot are happy to venture out on their journey to search for a dress on their own.


3 tips you’ve learned over the years & can impart to brides shopping for their gown?

Don’t rush, take your time. Do your research. Don’t settle for second best.

A memorable part of shooting this campaign?

Working with such a creative and professional team like The Lane, the stunning location in South Coogee and the general excitement we all had planning and bringing this campaign to Life.


One of your favorite pieces from the collection, and how you envision it worn / styled?

My favourite piece would be the blush embroidered spot ball gown. It’s so simplistic and speaks for it self. It should be worn as is and I would envision it being complimented with a stunning pair of earrings OR a dramatic soft tulle veil to really create that wow moment.

What does a typical day in the life of Dan Jones look like?

I’m a very hands on and face to face kinda guy, I’m either between my patterns cutters studio or my machinists working. I like to be a part of everything and I like to be present through out the process of every gown we produce. Emails are done late at night (when everyone is sleeping) phone calls are made whilst I’m driving between locations. I’ve become a great multi tasker to say the least haha!


A favorite quote of yours?

“If you’re not feeling it then… don’t even bother”

Where can brides purchase a Dan Jones gown?

We’re stocked in locations across the United States, Canada and Australia. These are:

Loho Bride / Los Angeles CA
Loho Bride / San Francisco CA
The White Room / Minneapolis MN
Spina Bride / New York NY
Luna / Sewickley PA
Rituals of Love / Vancouver BC
LoversLand / Toronto ON
Dan Jones / Potts Point NSW


Visit the Dan Jones website for more info.

Photography & Art Direction / Karissa Dalton @ The LANE

Designer / Dan Jones

Creative Director / Kevin Hurley

Talent / Holly Magson @ Chadwick Models

Hair / Ali Holmes

Makeup / Chloe Langford



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