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Black, transcending bridal heels, sure to be worn again

Considering shoes (both for brides & bridesmaids) are the item most likely to be worn and loved again, long after the dress is dry cleaned and the day is done, it seems only fitting to choose an amazing pair, serving as both a style statement and ongoing reminder of a special day.

With there not being an abundance of occasions calling for white heels – we’re coveting instead the spectacular statement of a black heel as a daring alternative to nude, offering incredibly chic glamour, when framed in the right context.

Black heels studded in decadent embroidery, Swarovski crystals and sheer lace make for opulent evening glamour. Pair with darkly romantic shaded gowns for a bold statement a la Dolce & Gabanna and Valentino or opt for a more classic white gown or palette of soft nudes for a more classically chic Chanel look.



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