Delicate Compositions

Wedding cakes designed with considered restraint, blending fine art and minimalism

Gently adorned with artfully placed blooms, we’re captured by the refreshing simplicity of wedding cakes designed with considered restraint. Blending elements of fine art with a minimalistic approach, we’re entranced by barely-there interactions of structure and stem, and a focus on lightness and form.

Alice Chow Cakes

Stacy Brewer Cakes

Moving away from the decadent floral indulgence of recent years, instead of botanicals scattered, cascading or blooming from within, every petal has a purpose and every stem has earned its place. Here, edible architecture, rather than rambling excess is the goal.

Suited to minimalistic styling and gallery-style spaces, the eye is drawn to the cake’s artistic arrangement and papery fragility. Using a solid or ornate cake stand, bolster the delicate design beside stacked ceramics and bold cutlery for serving. A collection of slender vases, each with a single reedy stem or two will perfectly complement these designs


Wedding Planners

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