About amber chloe

amber chloe is a ready to wear and bespoke label founded in 2014, but really, the designs have been years in the making. She took inspiration and playfulness from her years living on the bustling streets of Hong Kong, the stimulating New York avenues and embraced the beauty and elegance of time spent in Parisian cafes. Finally, the label found its roots in Melbourne. Using timeless fabrics to produce locally crafted pieces and inspired by the women who wear her, the brand is focused on slow fashion, less waste and made to order custom pieces.

Behind The Brand

What advice would you give to brides-to-be?

From my own experience as a bride I can give two pieces of honest advice. Trust your gut, you know what you like and dislike – don’t let other people’s opinion or thoughts sway you. My second tip is to just go with the flow, things will go wrong but at the end of the day none of that is important, don’t lose sight of what getting married really means.


As a designer, what tips do you have for brides to get the most out of their fittings?

Don’t be afraid to speak up, it is so much easier to go through any hesitations or second guessing in person, rather then you leaving your fitting feeling worried or unsure. At the end of the day what makes me happiest as a designer is to know that you love and feel comfortable in your dress, that is always priority.

More importantly, don’t bring all your friends and family to your fittings (unless it’s your last one), I’ve seen brides get so overwhelmed by the different opinions – it’s not a fun position for anyone to be in.


Do you offer a custom design service for brides? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

All of our bespoke pieces are custom made. A 3 – 6 month window is ideal, but we have also created incredible pieces in a week. We can work around most deadlines nationwide and overseas too.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their gown?

Make sure you dry clean your gown as soon as you can. It is critical that you take it to a specialist dry cleaner as they’ll know how to care for it properly.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

From a designer who has grown up around the world, you can see the unique eclectic influences of her journeys in the finest of details.


For the woman… 

Who is anti mass production; each piece is Made in Australia with the utmost quality and mindfulness to minimise waste.


Styling tips…

A bouquet of textural Australian natives will tie in beautifully with a home-grown gown.