Aswarby Rectory

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About Aswarby Rectory

Tucked away in the Lincolnshire countryside, Aswarby Rectory has been gracefully restored to create an intimate and authentic space in which you can gather with the ones you cherish the most.

Owned and managed by a young family with the belief that the roots of our most treasured memories are grown from the simplest of moments, shared with the ones we love. A parred back and sympathetic approach to renovation has made way for truly unique and personal gatherings, in a setting with soul and character that is ready to take on your vision.

Behind the Brand 

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

Having stepped away from their careers in design, the owners love for architecture and Interiors drove them to want to create a beautiful space. Somewhere that felt both familiar and exciting, a place in which guests could experience the most meaningful day with friends and family. A home from home where those who stayed could feel all the love and joy engrained in its walls. 

What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event? 

Aswarby Rectory is hired on an exclusive basis for both indoor and outdoor civil ceremonies and related gatherings, meaning you get sole use of the house and grounds for the duration of your stay. This includes all 8 Bedrooms and Bathrooms, so your nearest and dearest can be with you throughout your stay. With the ability to hold both midweek and weekend gatherings and a flexible approach to the flow of a day, you can create an experience that is unique and personal to you. 

How many guests can you cater for? 

Specializing in a more intimate gathering, accommodating up to 80 day guests and 120 evening guests, set within a space that feels like home. 

What makes your property different: 

Simplicity is key here and the calm feeling that the house exudes allows for the most relaxing and stress free experience. 

Editor’s Note

Why we love it…

Designers turned hospitality mavericks, the dream to turn a Georgian house into a country estate was beyond inspired by the family run Aswarby rectory, we’ve read enough Jane Austen to know that this would serve as quite the magical locale for the English estate wedding of our dreams. With your day effortlessly pulled together and the opportunity to roam around the grounds from the day-of to the day after.

For the couple…

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury garden escape in the heart of the English countryside, the Aswarby Rectory offers the perfect mix of ethereal magic and sophisticated refinery. Having the option to call on the team in their effort to support your planning is a double incentive.