About Bella Belle

Bella Belle creates unforgettable shoes that are works of art. Inspired by the Italian word for “Beautiful”, Bella Belle was born to make women feel stunning and comfortable.

Taking inspiration from love stories, Bella Belle conveys abstract ideas onto a shoe collection through ethereal elements. The Edelweiss collection highlights devotion, its Euphoria collection conveys happiness, while the Enchanted collection is dreamy. 

Behind The Brand

Your advice for selecting wedding shoes…

Stay true to yourself. Shoes are crucial in making your feet feel stunning and comfortable at all times – even more so on your wedding day as you will be on your feet all day and all night long! Therefore, choose the heel height that you will feel comfortable in. Pick a style that speaks to your aesthetics as the accessory will add an important narrative to your wedding look. You may want to choose wedding shoes with details that complement your bridal look, or have the shoes stand out and make a statement. Anything you say/want goes – you do you!


What was the spark for Bella Belle Shoes? Where did the story begin?

It all started with a passion for beautiful shoes. We were not able to find delicate shoes that are comfortable, so we created a brand that is known for that. A disruptor to cookie-cutter wedding shoes, Bella Belle’s design philosophy is grounded in delicate silhouettes and exquisite details. Refined, each shoe has just the right amount of details, never too much or too little. To this day, we are constantly humbled and elated when we receive feedback from our real brides saying that the shoes are comfortable and stunning. This means we have achieved what we set out to do.


What inspires you creatively?

We love taking inspiration from love stories and conveying abstract ideas onto a shoe collection through ethereal elements. Our Edelweiss collection highlights devotion, our Euphoria collection conveys happiness, while the Enchanted collection is dreamy. We infuse 3D florals, multi-dimensional beads, and beautiful play of fabric into the shoes to create a symphony that has just the right amount of adornment for your feet.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Amsterdam. The magical light streaming through the trees and endless canals give a nostalgic vibe to the city. People ride bikes everywhere. The cherry on top is their Indonesian-influenced, elaborate Rijsttafel spread. It is like deligthful fireworks for your palette!


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

When we are not dreaming up our next shoe collection, Erina loves taking laid back trips to New England’s coastal towns, while Veronyca enjoys going back to her favorite Japanese restaurants around town. When we are together, Thai and Italian restaurants are where you can find us reminiscing about our youth and planning for what the future brings.


A favorite quote?

Enjoy the journey. Too often we are fixated with the end goal that we forget to enjoy the journey. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with each other and try to remind ourselves often that it is the journey that shapes us into who we are today and who we will be in the future.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

With comfortability in mind, these handmade shoes boast intricate, embroidered details; jewel encrusted finishes and delicate lace appliques that won’t go unnoticed.


For the woman…

For the fairytale seeking romantic, looking for shoes that will last well beyond her wedding day.


Styling tips…

These shoes are made to be seen. Our tip is to break them in once or twice before your wedding day for extra comfort.