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About Bert Jewellery

Bert Jewellery merges unique style and sentimentality with impeccable craftsmanship, creating custom-made fine jewellery. Specialising in wedding and engagement rings, with each ring made to order. Bert's Director and head jeweller, Siân explains that she is inspired by the people she meets which often organically leads to a deeply personal piece. From the diamonds and gemstones, to the bespoke wooden boxes that the rings are presented in, she ensures that the materials she sources are conflict-free and sustainable.

Siân works closely with her customers throughout the design process: either via email or in her Sydney-based studio, from design to completion

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for buying an engagement ring?

My best advice for buying an engagement ring is to try on a selection beforehand. This sounds obvious but diamond and gemstone shapes look different on every individual, so figure out which shape suits you. You may have always loved round diamonds for example, but then when you actually try one on, you may change your mind. It’s also a good idea to have a budget in mind. The beauty of having a ring custom-made is that the ring is made to your exact specifications. If you’ve seen your dream ring, but it doesn’t align with your budget, don’t worry, there are always tricks we can do to lower the cost: we can lower the clarity, colour or size of the gem. If the price is clear from the start, it’s easier to create the perfect ring for you.

It’s important to find out your finger size too. So many customers approach me and don’t know their partners finger size. If you’ve been together a while, consider dropping in to a jewellery shop and inquiring about your finger size: then casually let your partner know. Rings can always be resized, but it’s so much nicer if the ring fits effortlessly during the proposal.

My last tip is to have an open mind when selecting an engagement ring. There are so many options that you may have never considered: coloured diamonds or unique shapes for example. The options, especially when having a ring custom-made, are endless.


What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

The story of Bert Jewellery began when I was a child. We used to visit my Great Uncle who lived in the country. He was very old, I was probably eight or nine, and I was fascinated by his workshop. He was a Blacksmith, and had so many tools: anvils, hammers and  forges: big open flames! I remember feeling peaceful in his dusty workshop. I can still remember the smell and hear the clinking of metal.

Years later, at art college, I tried silversmithing, and loved it. I went on to complete a Goldsmithing degree and have loved designing and making jewellery ever since. It is all I’ve ever wanted to do.


What inspires you creatively?

I draw my inspiration from nature mostly. When I meet with a client, we discuss ideas, I usually sketch and we brainstorm. I then usually go away and come up with more ideas. These ideas tend to occur when I’m out running along the coast. Definitely the ever changing sea inspires me: sometimes sparkling bright, sometimes moody grey, textures, the curvature of the land. Travel has always been a source of inspiration too. I learnt bangle making in India ten years ago, and taught at a jewellery school there. Wherever I go, jewellery isn’t far from my mind.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

The most memorable place I’ve travelled is probably South America: in particular Peru. Before Bert’s inception, I worked for seven years as a jewellery designer in Sydney. I decided to hand in my notice, go backpacking for eight months, and return to Sydney inspired and ready to dedicate myself fully to Bert Jewellery. That time in South America allowed me to focus on my goals, and inspired me in terms of the natural beauty, spirituality and the generous, kind people.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

On a typical weekend you’ll find me outdoors as much as possible. I’ll kick off Saturday with a coastal walk, then will often see clients to discuss ring ideas. I’ll either meet with them at a cafe in Bondi, or at my city workshop: there’s a rooftop there where I like to sketch, and I feel like Saturdays with clients is always relaxed. On Sundays I try to switch off from Bert. Ideally I’ll go for a walk somewhere in the National Park without signal, so I don’t get sidetracked from nature by jewellery. I truly love what I do, and it is an obsession, so I think it’s important to try to switch off at least once a week. Nature is important to me, and I try to ensure that Bert Jewellery respects nature as much as possible. I’m constantly looking into ways we can reduce our footprint, from having our sustainable timber ring boxes custom-made, to sourcing ethical diamonds and gemstones.


A favorite quote?

My favourite quote is by Henry David Thoreau,  “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us”.