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About Bluebell Bridal

Bluebell Bridal is truly a fashion sanctuary, based in the colourful bustling heart of the Paris Quarter Melbourne, the most iconic and renowned fashion house and restaurant district in Australia.

Steeped in the historical roots of Pawson House, 141 Flinders Lane, this 1930’s art deco fashion design and manufacturing facility is now reborn, brought back to life and light as Bluebell Bridal’s iconic home, containing a curated collection of the very best fashion has to offer the modern bride.

Elegant, sophisticated individual: your experience at Bluebell Bridal in finding “the one” will be guided by our professional, attentive master stylists whose knowledge of bridal fashion is unsurpassed.

Aspire to be your beautiful self,  and make the day you find “the one” memorable.  You too shall be overcome with joy, ease and excitement all at one time by visiting the very best Melbourne has to offer.