About Blush + Bowties

Blush + Bowties is your destination for contemporary refined weddings with a stylish and experience-driven approach. We are a Toronto-based wedding planning and design company working locally and internationally with over a decade of experience. Our team consists of open-hearted creatives with an unwavering dedication to the art of wedding planning and design.

We possess a fresh perspective on wedding planning and styling. Collaborating with engaged couples to plan authentic, memorable and beautiful weddings is an honour we are endlessly grateful for.

Behind The Brand

What’s your best piece of advice for wedding and event planning?

When beginning the exciting process of planning a wedding throw away any preconceived notions or pressures of what a wedding is supposed to be, instead focus on the experience and atmosphere first. Weddings can be a unique, stylish and incredibly joyful celebration delivering the most extraordinary experience for you and your guests, yet all too often, the planning stage becomes usurped by the expectations of others and inspiration overload.

When you hone in on what is important to you, it helps liberate the process and illuminate the purpose behind the wedding. A memorable experience and atmosphere is curated by thoughtfulness, attention to mood, and the right team. The first key step is to hire the right wedding planner to help establish the desired experience and mood while keeping the process focused. From there, trust the experts and allow them to gently guide you through the planning process so you can enjoy every minute of this very momentous occasion in your lives!


How does the process of wedding planning work?

We approach wedding planning with an experience-driven process and affinity for contemporary and timeless design. We are there from beginning to end and present at all the in-betweens. We provide the focus for your vision, plus the experience and skills to make it happen. Our planning process is thoroughly detailed but also full of joyous creativity.

We begin with establishing a clear and realistic budget that highlights your priorities. From there, we assist with honing in on the key venues we feel you will connect with based on your style and vibe. Once the venue is secured, we will move onto vendor suggestions, identifying the best of the best and those who are a delight to work with based on our experience of planning over 400 weddings, matching them based on your style, personality, and budget.

We aren’t just wedding planners but also passionate designers! Our design process begins with many questions and a custom visual questionnaire to get to know you and the specific mood and vibe of the wedding. We focus on experience and build the vision from there. We create a very thorough vision board that focuses on mood vs. replication.

The latter half of the process focuses on logistics and the creation of a very detailed day-of schedule. Having a thorough schedule in our experience is key to a stress-free day. We manage the timeline throughout the wedding day and are the point of contact for all vendors. It’s our goal for you to be fully immersed and present in every moment on the day of your wedding.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your work?

The keywords that describe our style are timeless, contemporary, artisanal and stylish. We focus on encouraging thoughtful choices throughout the design process that are harmonious, connected and textural. We curate warm and inviting celebrations that encourage connection and conversation. For us, it’s key to begin with the couple’s desired mood and feeling of the wedding. We discover the emotional relevance of the celebration and then allow the design to unfold.

Once we have the heart of the celebration fully developed, our focus is stylish design that is never overcrowded or overworked, always taking cues from the environment and embracing where the wedding is being hosted. There is an effortless vibe to our style with a cool contemporary application. Our style evokes a sensory experience, cultivating a memorable atmosphere for the guests and couple.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

We are a full-service wedding planning and design company. We assist with venue selection, full budget preparation and management, vendor recommendations and managing all communication with vendors, preparing and maintaining a wedding planning schedule and checklist, full design of the celebration, and day-of wedding management.


Do you travel interstate/worldwide?

You bet! We travel across Canada for weddings and also internationally, focusing on weddings in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Heartfelt and highly organised wedding planners and designers with an innate flair for creating wholly atmospheric events layered with textural blooms, chic decor and romantic detail.


For the couple…

For the modern romantics; couples who seek to create an intentional, sentimental event imbued with considered touches and dreamy styling.


Editor’s tip…

Keep your eyes open during your day-to-day social media scrolls, collating visuals you’re drawn to which you can share with the team. Be candid with your sensory inspiration too – let them know your favourite scents and textures, what mood lighting you’re drawn to, what types of food entice you, or what kind of music you enjoy. Details that are special and unique to you as a couple. This allows Blush & Bowtie to create a truly immersive and stylish soiree that speaks to you both on a deeper, more soulful level.