About ByGigi

Gigi Falanga is an accomplished Sydney pastry chef & cake designer that built her career from top Australian pastry chefs as well as award-winning venues.

Gigi's cake design skills were also honed by respected schools around the country and overseas combined with her family’s passion for architecture, art & flowers.

After co-hosting the TV pastry show “Zumbo’s Just Desserts” on Netflix in 2016, Gigi decided to set up her own studio inspired to create edible art using quality ingredients. An artist and visionary - her wedding cakes are elegant and contemporary and possess a distinctive style that ByGigi is renowned for.

Fuelled by originality, creativity, customization, lifestyle, and attention to detail - at ByGigi we seek to produce spectacular cakes that evoke emotion and create memories through flavor and visuals.

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

After long years being a pâtissier I was looking for a new chapter that could bring new skills and push my creativity. After winning a dessert competition in Sydney I was given the choice of attending an international chocolate academy. I picked the school in Chicago which had mainly high-end patisserie courses but there was a new course available focussed on “wedding cakes”.
The course itself didn’t have the contemporary inspiration I was looking for but it definitely opened my heart to progress as a cake designer and showed me the possibilities to create masterpieces that taste amazing. By then the brand didn’t really exist, it was a work in progress, a learning curve of who I was as an artist. The brand has still been developing with my experiences, opportunities, and what drives me to feel connected.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

Exclusive, contemporary, and elegant.


What are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

Layers of textures, motion, and intricately crafted elements that cohesively marry together. Pieces that have the power to create unexpected designs to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional connection. Each wedding is a unique opportunity to enable me to grow and continue to be inspired.


A planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Choose a team of vendors that carry your style seamlessly and trust them to do their work. Keeping your cake designer connected with the vendors and the final style of your wedding is extremely
important in my eyes. I like to feel the vibe of what I’m creating so I can get excited about the design and translate all of that into the cake.


Tell us about your ordering process and what couples should know beforehand.

We take orders based on availability but also the type of project. At this stage of my career, I like to work with couples that are willing to go with my creative process and be sure they understand my values and the way I like to work. It’s extraordinary when we feel the connection and the passion from each other and it all comes together. These are the people and projects I like to match with.
The cake design is a work in progress from the booking stage to the final result, people evolve and so do the cakes.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

We love the detail of ByGigi’s wedding cakes – the richly textural finishes, sculptural form and undulating folds that Gigi’s mastered and made her own. 


For the couple…

Looking for modern, artistic wedding cakes in Sydney and beyond. Evocative of timeworn details, crumbling facades and shapes of the sea – ByGigi wedding cakes are definitely for those drawn to beautiful tactile finishes.


Our Advice…

Let Gigi draw inspiration from your wedding mood board or location to dream up a bespoke wedding cake that will mirror the poetic textures and details of your wedding location.