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About Cassandra Mamone

“I strive to design and create pieces that are classic and timeless, yet with an on-trend unique twist," - Cassandra Mamone (fine jewellery designer)

Australian jewellery brand and industry leader in bespoke pieces, engagement rings & remodelling jewellery, Cassandra's designs embody a luxurious blend of classic beauty and elegance. Every piece is beautifully custom designed to last a lifetime. Sourcing only top diamond clarity and colour, all fine jewellery pieces are made locally to the highest standard. The brand’s first fine jewellery collection was released in 2013 with a focus on rose gold and bringing it back into the spotlight. Featuring designs that break the mould, Cassandra Mamone is globally recognized for unique and exquisite engagement ring designs.

Each piece features handmade intricacies which distinguish Cassandra’s craftsmanship as one of a kind. Cassandra has chosen to set a ruby, her birthstone, on the inside of the luxury engagement bands, to ensure each piece is recognizable as Cassandra Mamone’s ring. 

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning Cassandra Mamone Jewelry?

I had creativity in me that I couldn’t contain and I set out to have all women in quality, beautiful engagement rings and for people to have more awareness of diamond sourcing and quality.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

I strive to design and create pieces that are classic and timeless, yet on-trend and unique. I would describe my jewelry aesthetic as unmistakable, focussing on subtle and not-so-subtle design elements that make the jewelry truly personal to the wearer. I only source the finest materials to work with, from the purest white diamonds to the most radiant semi-precious stones.


What inspires you creatively?

I’m inspired by my travels and all the beautiful sights I see when travelling. I find inspiration in everything from beauty, food to culture. I have a strong focus on designing and creating pieces that I would want to wear. I love looking at the diamond shapes and creatively thinking about innovative ways I can set them to create an elegant and exquisite piece.


What advice can you give to couples when shopping for their engagement ring?

  • Ensure you are sourcing locally or from a respected brand.
  • Our diamond sourcing is very stringent, if you don’t know much about diamonds and you have the time – get to know the 4 C’s otherwise what we do best is we take away all the hard work for you, ensuring our diamonds will sparkle and shine for you like no other.
  • Know your budget and understand how diamond value correlates to that cost. Regardless of your budget, we love making dreams come true and will always have stunning ring options available for you.


What are you drawn to in wedding jewelry right now? What would you like to see less of in your industry?

Gemstones, like aquamarines in wedding bands (a perfect something blue for a bride on her wedding band). We have options online and you can opt for diamonds or a specific gemstone in your chosen wedding band. I would like to see less unworn sentimental jewellery left in jewellery boxes. When clients bring in their gold, stones and diamonds, we can re-design or remodel to breathe new life into old jewellery. Our clients are always thrilled with the outcome knowing that they have a new heirloom treasured piece.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

We love Cassandra Mamone’s creative jewels (in their signature rose gold) that nestle together to create unexpected stacks to suit each wearer.


For the couple…

Who want artistic wedding bands and engagement rings that feel non-traditional yet still inherently timeless.


Our Advice…

Share your budget with the Cassandra Mamone team and let them guide you toward a unique piece to suit your style, with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones.