About Cherry Cakes

Cherry Cakes is a Melbourne based boutique cake business that focuses on both quality and seasonal ingredients. Our styling is rustic and unique and we love to work with our customers to create beautiful one off designs.

As both a qualified chef and pastry chef, Cherry Murphy has been working in kitchens for over a decade – from making desserts for the Westin Hotel, to designing cupcake flavours for Little Cupcakes, and making macarons at a French patisserie ­ so we can guarantee that your cakes won’t just look spectacular but it will also taste amazing too.

Behind The Brand

Your best piece of advice for event planning?

Planning events can be stressful! One of my biggest tips for couples planning a wedding is try to enjoy the process as much as possible. If that means delegating the work to someone else or hiring an events planner then do it. Don’t let the pressure of planning your event ruin the event for you. Also ask your vendors for advice. The wedding and party planning industry is a pretty close knit community and have so many good tips on where to find great services and other amazing vendors.


What was the spark for Cherry Cakes? Where did the story begin?

I have been both a chef and a pastry chef for over a decade now and I’ve always loved making cakes. I feel most at home in the kitchen and I wanted to find a way I could express my creativity. Cherry Cakes was born out of a love of good food, quality ingredients, and the need to do something original and fun. I love working with customer to create something creative that expresses something about them and their relationship.


What inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by a lot of things that aren’t cake related. On my days of I go to book stores, florists, fresh food markets to get ideas for creations. Designing cakes and then seeing them come together is one of the best parts of the job so I spend a lot of time dreaming up new ideas.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

A couple of years before I started the business I took a big trip alone to Europe. I had been working long hour in kitchens and hadn’t taken a holiday in years. I spent days walking around Paris shopping, eating pastries and drinking delicious wine. I stayed a few nights in a little cottage a few hours out of the city that was truly stunning. It was the middle of winter and the town was very old school. All the streets were cobblestone and their were pastry shops everywhere. I felt in love with this place and started planning my business Cherry Cakes while I was there.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Mostly in the commercial kitchen putting the finishing touches on cakes, at the florist picking up flowers for decorating, or out on the road delivering cakes. On a rare day off though I love to go to my favourite pastry shop, buy some danishes and sit in bed with a coffee and the paper. This is luxury to me!


A favorite quote?

I don’t really have a favourite quote, but I live by the saying ‘when you do things, things happen.’ Sometimes as a creative person you come up with ideas and have no idea what will come of them or if they will work. I firmly believe though if you keep being creative and making things and doing things, something beautiful will grow out of it. You never know what opportunities are right around the corner unless you are there waiting for them!