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About Christie Millinery

Headwear as unique as you, skilfully designed and handcrafted in Australia by multi-award-winning fashion milliner Christie Murray. Each design and custom bespoke piece spills with sophistication, femininity, and a sense of luxury that empowers.

Focused on the artisan detail of millinery, Christie's pieces find a balanced flow state that extends a natural symbiosis between the headpiece and the wearer. The piece becoming more than an object, rather an experience, a celebration of one’s self. A memory.

With over a decade's worth of experience, Christie’s designs have been published in VOGUE, VOGUE Brides, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, and In Style magazine.

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

The Christie Millinery bride is fashionable, feminine, and unashamedly herself. She uses fashion as a creative medium to express her individuality. Each detail of her wedding is carefully curated – she knows that finer details make all the difference.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Yes, I do! It really depends on what they are having made and where I need to source materials from. A bespoke hat can take up to 2 weeks to make. As I may use an Ecuadorian Panama straw, French grosgrain ribbon, and Italian silk tulle, sourcing these materials requires time. I often also have to create a custom hat block made for my client which is the wooden shape that I hand mould the material around. So I usually like to allow 4 months for a hat, however, some of my designs, like a silk bow, can be made in less time.


What is your most popular style for brides?

I wish I could say just one! Currently, from our Restless Light collection, it would be between our silk Willow bow, the Adele headband, and our bespoke made-to-order bridal hats.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their headpieces and hats?

For fine hair adornments such as barrettes and crowns, I would recommend placing a small piece of cardboard over the top of the design whilst applying hairspray. And to use your jewellery cloth to wipe off any hairspray residue when removing from your hair.  For hats – I use paper tape (micropore) on the inside of the headfit ribbon at the front. This stops the makeup from your forehead from transferring onto your ribbon. Make sure that you store your headpiece or hat in a hard hatbox for safekeeping in-between wear.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

An effortlessly classic take on modern femininity, we love Christie Millinery’s artisanal approach to designing refined pieces and bespoke bridal hats. Each a statement of considered detail.


For the Bride…

Looking to find a truly unique headpiece, for any of her celebrations including the engagement, hens, or day of celebration.


Styling Tips…

Styling headwear and or a hairpiece requires careful consideration of your gown, hairstyle, and beauty look. Trust Christie’s professional experience when it comes to creating a beautiful bespoke piece, knowing her discerning creative insight will result in poetic beauty. Opt for a bold wide brim bespoke hat with a tailored suit or a simplistic oversized silk bow in a low set, loosely tousled ponytail for a soft romantic occasion.