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About Endota Spa

Endota Spa is more than just a day spa, it is a haven for women to replenish their mind, body and spirit. Women often put the needs of others before their own, which is why Endota Spa wants to help women reconnect with their best me. Founder, Melanie Gleeson paved the way for wellbeing to be considered a priority rather than a treat, with her first spa opening in 2000 on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Now, Endota Spa has over 100 locations nationwide, providing certified organic and natural products, and high-performance treatments, including results-driven facials.

Behind The Brand

What does wellness mean to you?

We put so much pressure on ourselves today. Having a massage or a treatment is no longer a luxury – it is a healthy habit and our spas have become a haven for emotional replenishment. Not many people knew what the concept of a spa was when we first opened and even fewer recognised the importance of wellbeing. Today, there’s an emphasis to be healthy and make positive lifestyle choices. Relaxation and mindfulness have become so much more important and necessary in people’s lives. At endota we want to help woman on their journey towards better wellbeing while treating and correcting their skincare concerns as they age.  Being happy, healthy and living a life of care and purpose.


What are your favourite beauty and wellness products and/or practices?

When I was in my 20s, I didn’t realise the importance in making myself priority and how I should be giving myself space to centre and listen to my inner voice. I always try to incorporate yoga, meditation – these really ensure I maintain physical, emotional and spiritual balance in my busy life. Finally, there’s also nothing like a Light Therapy session to rejuvenate my skin and leave it feeling plump and hydrated. For me aging consciously is a really important part of realising true beauty.


What are your most popular products and/ or services?

With brides, our results driven facials are definitely the most popular treatments. LED is a great treatment for all ages. The LED penetrates deep down into the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which prevents premature ageing in youthful skin and helps to restore the condition of mature skin. LED treatment also helps the skin infuse serums and when used in combination with endota New Age™ treatment serums can help target and correct your skin concerns and achieve clinically proven results.


What advice do you give to brides in the lead up to their wedding day?

Firstly, weddings can be a stressful time so you should surround yourself with supportive people and be kind to yourself and have fun. The day goes so quick.

A wedding is a great excuse to kick start a skincare regime that is ideal for your skin type. We recommend that you visit an endota spa to have your skin assessed by one of our qualified therapists. We use a number of tools to help do this including our skin scanner which uses UV light to assess pigmentation, acne and other skin concerns and our BT tool to assess the level of hydration in your skin. They will set you up with a plan including facials and at home care.


We suggest the following in-spa treatments:

A course of endota spa NEW AGE™ Light Therapy facials (Duration: 60 minutes Price: $160-$180 )

endota spa Detox Body Treatment (Duration: 75 mins Price: Starting at $155)

Regular Relaxation Massages to assist in keeping your skin hydrated and your stress levels down

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Therapists are a wealth of knowledge and take the time to listen and give you the best treatment catered to your needs. There is also an Endota Spa in every corner of the country so a little pick-me-up is never far away.


For the woman…  

Who needs a little bit of self love and self care.  


Beauty tips…

In the midst of wedding day prep, try and take the time out to unwind and rejuvenate with one of Endota Spa’s Signature Facials, your skin will thank you for it come wedding day.