About Gatherist

Gatherist is a traveling design and planning company focusing on a natural and clean aesthetic, thoughtful designs, and intimate atmospheres. Gatherist is known for their minimal and functional approach to design. 

Behind The Brand

What’s your best piece of advice for wedding and event planning?

We highly encourage you to, DO YOU.


Do you travel interstate/worldwide?

Yes, we travel worldwide.


How does the process of wedding planning work?

I build a custom month by month plan with each client detailing various items that need to be accomplished. This is built around their priorities for their wedding and used throughout the planning process.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

Everything. Our scope is vast as we often cover planning and design. We typically will establish a good logistical foundation for the wedding, and then curate a meaningful design around that foundation.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

I lean towards a functional design which often translates to minimal and natural. I want things to make sense and be beautiful at the same time. I also love finding ways to make an unexpected impact through design.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Cohesive, considered, and curated with refined elegance, with the option to personalize the planning and design package you require, we love Gatherist’s approach to custom intimate celebrations.


For the couple…

Who are looking for services from hourly consultations to refine their ideas, or perhaps need assistance during the month of the celebration to ease the pressure, and everything planning and design in between. Gatherist will align with those wanting to create a celebration with a clean minimal aesthetic, executed with thoughtful design.


Styling tips…

Approach your styling with sincere authenticity from your gown to your stationery and floral direction, as this will ultimately give your celebration a uniquely ‘you’ feel across every element. Work with Emmily and her team from the beginning to bring your event to life with their professional experience, artful styling, and masterful approach in designing intimate, atmospheric events.