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About Gione Da Silva

Our art is a mix of reason and passion. We love symmetry, the abstract, natural light, and real moments. Blending a cinematic feel with elegance and timelessness, we want our work to be an artistic celebration of one of life’s most important events.

The driving force behind what we do is people. Everybody deserves to relive their wedding as a unique, honest and beautiful experience. We believe in being sensitive to people’s style and personality, never settling for anything average but always striving for artistry and originality.

We travel across the globe telling stories through beautiful and meaningful imagery.


Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography and videography style?

We are cinematic storytellers with a hint of fine art and a documentary feel. We strive to capture those special moments as they happen. It means being alive to the present, honoring the past, creating real treasures for the future. It is about transforming the events of a wedding into a living, lasting memory.


What is it that makes an image or wedding film magical?

We believe this magic comes from the beauty of real moments, genuine interactions, and expressions of love. Portraying real experiences is the best way to transport someone back and this can only be replicated if we ourselves are immersed and feel those emotions as we document them.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

I believe the most important thing is to be yourself. If necessary we will tailor our approach based on our client’s personalities. This is why we feel it’s so important to get to know and connect with your photographer and videographer. Finally, it’s about you and your loved ones, so just enjoy the moment and try to forget about anything else as your joy will shine through in the images! We will be there to guide you so that you look great in your photos and videos whilst having a wonderful time!


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

Oh yes, we do both! Traveling is a big part of what we do! In fact, we shoot about 80% of our work abroad. We live in a rural part of the country and always love stepping out of our quiet area into the busy world! Travel is so important to us that it is reflected in our logo which shows a tree on a boat, symbolizing our constant navigation around the world while growing and bearing fruits (our films and photos).


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take?

Editing is a very important part of our process. We’ve been known to be really attentive to details and some clients comment on how that is visible in our work. With all this OCD, editing takes us some time as we believe in crafting heirloom pieces rather than a simple snapshot commodity. We never rush and prefer to make sure our work is the best it can be! As an estimate, depending on the season and the size of the event, we may take up to 12 weeks to deliver a full photo gallery and about 16 weeks for videos. However, most work is delivered within 2 months of the event and we always have a sneak peek ready within a week.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve captured…

I absolutely love weddings! I get a buzz every time I am shooting a wedding and really enjoy the emotional moments. Hannah and I often well-up when editing and listening to the speeches!

I remember a particular moment that really gave me goosebumps. This was a true serendipity moment that happened while shooting a pre-wedding session at White Sands Desert in the USA. Before the shoot, Cat and Chris wrote letters to each other to be read on the wedding day. Without knowing about it or its content, I approached the shoot in my usual manner and at some point, I just had this ‘strange idea’ to ask them to lay down next to each other and cover one eye with their hands. An idea was developing for a mini concept story that would show how they share the same vision and see the same things.

During the shoot, they started to get emotional and had goosebumps so I asked them if they were ok. It turned out that, without knowing what each other had written, in their letters to each other they had both described how they are each other’s eyes into the world, helping and guiding. It was a really transcendental experience to me and proof that when we are connected, somehow the universe alines and inspiration inhabits us. From that moment on, I realized how important it is to follow my intuition and be open to any ideas that may come while shooting.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Humbled in authenticity, we love Gione and Hannah’s ability to capture timeless moments imprinting them into poetic memories tangled in loving expression.


For the couple…

Seeking a combined destination photographer and videographer who can effortlessly document celebrations of any size and culture with considered professionalism.


Editor’s tips…

Invest time getting to know your photographer and follow their intuitive lead on the day; trusting in their capacity to see light and emotion in beautiful ways will always lead to your images feeling naturally heartfelt and ultimately timeless.