About Grew & Co

Each article we create in our Sydney studio is an emotional keystone in our client’s lives to one day be passed down through generations, gathering new sentiments and emotions along the way. We are passionate about combining exotic gemstones with natural textures and warm metallic colours & tones. Our designs are thoughtful and considered, our skills are carefully honed to the highest level and our goal each day is to create amazing things for amazing people.

Behind The Brand

Where are your gemstones and diamonds sourced from?

All of our gems and diamonds are sourced ethically. Depending on which precious stone we are looking for, they can originate from different parts of the world, while the suppliers who we get it from all adhere to the Kimberley Process – where administrations and civil societies are reducing the flow of conflict diamonds.

Currently, Parti Sapphires and Champagne diamonds are a popular choice for our clients, both of which are mined right here in Australia. A couple of times a year we also travel to international gem fairs where we would handpick the gems we would love to add to our new collection – a process both exciting and fun.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Absolutely! We have a beautiful range of jewellery that we sell in-store and online, which is great, as each piece has been carefully designed and crafted around the centre stone we chose. However, we have clients who have a certain design in mind they would love to see it come to life, that’s when our bespoke services come in super handy. The whole process of sourcing the stones, design consultation to a finished piece usually takes about 6 weeks.  The best part about modern technology is the ability to extend the consultation to virtually anywhere in the world, no matter where our clients are!


What is your most popular piece?

For engagement rings the ORLA design featuring a hexagonal Parti Sapphire as a centre stone has been a winner! It gets snapped up almost instantly once we put it up on our website!

For wedding bands, NINA CURVED and DOT rings are very much loved at the moment.


What advice would you give to a couple looking for their wedding jewelry?

Know your style while keeping an open mind and be willing to try on other designs. Play around with different colour metals too, it can be a beautiful colour contrast to have your wedding band in a different metal to your engagement ring. We also have a wide range of men’s bands available in-store.


What tips do you have for couples to care for their jewelry?

Jewellery should be the first thing you take off and the last thing you put on. The more care you give, the longer it lasts. We often encourage our clients to bring the jewellery back for yearly check-ups and offer complimentary polish and clean for a lifetime of the piece.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Grew & Co. beautifully balances old-world elegance with bold, artistic designs with a modern twist.


For the bride…

Drawn to unexpected, decadent jewels and artfully designed settings.


Styling tips…

We love the ‘Penelope’, an enchanting engagement ring featuring an incredible pear-shaped champagne diamond. Style with a simple, understated wedding band to let the bold design be the focal point.