About In Bed

Sydney based luxury homewares & lifestyle label IN BED create thoughtful home essentials for everyday life. Inspired by creative people and homes from all over the globe, IN BED focusses on classic, utilitarian products made to be lived in and loved for years to come.

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for décor styling / gift buying?

For decor styling I think my biggest advice would be make sure that you fill your home with pieces and things that bring you joy – and have meaning to you. Whether it’s something you picked up on travels, something handed down to you from family or just something you picked up from a store you love. For me it’s important to have a connection to things in your home where possible & for them to have a story, it’s what makes home a cosy, relaxing space.

For gift buying I apply the same rule, think about what the recipient would really love or take inspiration from and try to find them something that fits this. Beautiful homewares always fit the bill for me but I might be biased!


What was the spark for IN BED? Where did the story begin?

I was working as a freelance fashion stylist for around 8 years before I started in bed. I started to be a lot more interested in homewares & found that there was no home wares brand that I really felt a connection to like I did with fashion – no APC or Acne or brands like this that I really loved and trusted. I also felt like there was a gap in the market for something a bit cooler and that spoke to a design savvy customer but wasn’t snobby. So, I decided to create this and launched IN BED in 2013. 


What inspires you creatively?

What inspires me and the brand the most is how real, creative people live & create a home. This is why our Journal is such an integral part of the brand. We love seeing home people from all walks of life – from people renting tiny apartments to people that own huge sprawling homes – create a home and I always find this (and to be honest, peeking into other peoples homes!) endlessly inspiring.

Other than that I’m very inspired when travelling, from just spending time alone mulling things over and also colour which is such a big thing for all of our products – we don’t do a lot of prints, but we do love certain colours.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Probably Japan. It has an amazing sense of calm & truly feels like you’re somewhere else, somewhere very foreign – even in Tokyo a city of almost 10 million people it feels peaceful. I always come back really inspired with lots of ideas.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Walking our dog, shopping (and eating) at the farmers market, having a long lazy lunch with friends or in summer heading up the coast for a day at the beach.


A favorite quote?

They chop & change but my current favourite is “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” (Dalai Lama)