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About Jack Henry Photographer

Growing up in Freshwater in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Jack Henry was creative from an early age, yet it wasn’t until he started studying Computer Science at RMIT that he first picked up a camera. What began as a creative outlet soon became an all-out obsession, and before long, Jack was travelling the world working full-time as a fashion photographer.

While his career had him shooting for brands including Marc Jacobs, Swarovski, Vogue, Grazia, Alice McCall and more, Jack soon discovered his real passion lay in capturing weddings. The beautiful locations, the guests dressed up and dancing the night away with friends and family – being creative in that environment inspired his work, and this shows within the quality of his images. Yet, as a self-taught photographer, Jack’s inspiration stemmed from artists like Rembrant, Vermeer and Raphael. His mission: to create images spilling with colour and composition reminiscent of classical paintings rather than those of a digital photographer.

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography style?

If I have to narrow it down to a style, I’d say it’s a blend of editorial and documentary. My direct influencers would be growing up with a Classical Arts background with favourite painters like Jean-Leon Gerome and Rembrandt and then beginning my photography career in the world of fashion for brands like Swarovksi, Grazia, Topshop, and Alice McCall among others. I try to emulate the colourings of 35mm/120mm color and black and white film stocks.


What is it that makes an image magical?

I think it’s an image that not only captures how something looks, but also captures how something feels.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

My style isn’t very posey (I find the over-posed stuff really cringe), so I tell couples that being a professional model wouldn’t help much with the way I approach taking photos anyway. For a couple’s session, I’m all about finding a nice backdrop with flattering lighting and offering cues for natural interaction (take her hand and walk together, etc.) and just capturing the in-between moments. And only offering minor corrections to posture and poses if needed. I’d also give the advice to just trust your photographer. You have chosen them for a reason, they aren’t judging, and if you want your images to look like the ones that attracted you to them in the first place, just push through the initial awkwardness, it gets easier after the first 10 minutes.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

I sure do, I’m based between Sydney and London.


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take?

Depending on the time of year, around 4-6 weeks maximum.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve photographed…

I think the smaller in-between moments are my favourite part of this work, rather than the big major ones. Some of my favourite wedding photographs are just of the way the couple first look at each other on the day when they realise how lucky they got, or even just a photo of the way leaves dapple light along the veil as it trails behind her for that same entrance.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Style and emotion are intrinsic to Jack Henry’s work. We’re enamored with his eye for detail and his artistic compositions. Jack’s history in art and fashion pervades through his frames so evidently.


For the couple…

For couples seeking chic yet expressive images that convey every aspect of a wedding. For those who appreciate fashion and the arts yet are laid-back, unpretentious, and want to work with someone relaxed but highly experienced.


Editor’s tips…

Don’t be shy to take a daring approach to bridal or reception style – Jack’s background photographing fashion editorials allows him to exquisitely depict sartorial moments and design details.