About Kahuna Duo

Bringing picture perfect scenes to life through musical artistry and live performance.

Behind The Brand


What first drew you to performing at weddings?

The emotion, the revelry, the celebration. Music is mystifying, it expresses feeling. We all connect with it individually but also find so much joy in sharing it.

The privilege of performing, sonically expressing not only ourselves but the emotion of such unforgettable moments is infectious. Working with like minded creatives who are just as passionate about their art form and bringing your wedding dream to life is the cherry on top!


How would you describe your style and who are some of your influences?

Ethereal, dreamy, folk music with full bodied guitar, rich piano tones and sailing vocals. To name but a few, our sound is inspired by Angus & Julia Stone, Ray Lamontagne & Fleetwood Mac.  We adore the balance of simplicity and intricacy these artists use in their instrumentation, giving so much power for their poetic lyrics to shine  and connect with those listening. That’s what we bring to every song we arrange and perform, an instrumental balance for an ability to connect.


A few favorite songs you love to play at weddings?

Nothing else by Angus & Julia Stone – truly magical, almost haunting chords with real life fairytale lyrics

Harvest Moon – a first dance and evening favourite, this tune fills the air with revelry, both sonically and lyrically

Morning comes wearing diamonds – a beautiful folk depiction of the golden sunlight that peaks through in the morning, a song that celebrates love and beauty in the in-between moments of everyday life


Tell us about the process a couple would usually experience with you after booking?

Music has a really easy process. Once booked all our couples have to do is choose the songs for their biggest moments; walking down the aisle, signing the register & exiting as a married couple for their ceremony, as well as their first dance and parent dance. If we don’t know a song chosen for any of these moments, we will learn it.

All the rest of the music for live sets and breaks is chosen by us on the day. Our couples are invited to their own personal folder containing a brief questionnaire that covers all the essential info we need to make sure the day runs smoothly. This questionnaire can either be filled in by the couple or their wedding planner and doesn’t need to be finalised until about a month out from the wedding.


What advice would you give couples when choosing wedding entertainment?

Two main points. Purely, live music is just magic. It’s live art, a performance that brings an aesthetic to life so choose entertainment that fits with your vision for your day and is also the type of music that you love.

Our advice has always been to choose vendors whose work you admire but can also see yourselves being friends with. They are going to be with you on your biggest day and so knowing you’ll have great energy with them is so important!

Editor’s Notes


Why We Love Them…

Music has the powerful ability to transform a mood at a wedding, it’s such an important element so we’re so particular about who we recommend (A quick Google search will confirm that great artists are hard to come by in the wedding industry!). We can’t recommend this creative duo highly enough, their dreamy, soulful style is truly captivating. Their favorite artists & songs to play are many of our own.

For The Couple…

Maurice & Aisha of Kahuna Duo are for those who love live entertainment & want to move their guests with music tailored to completely suit the mood of their event.

Tips & Advice…

Always choose live entertainment where you can, there’s truly nothing better. A great musician will also be able to read the moments as they unfold and tailor the music accordingly in a way that feels completely fluid – there’s nothing worse than music that doesn’t quite fit the mood and surroundings.