About Kamperett

KAMPERETT is a womenswear label designed by Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo focused on creating effortless, sophisticated, sensual and modern pieces for the discerning woman. The name is a hybrid of their mothers’ maiden names (Pferdekamper and Garrett). All pieces are made using only the highest quality materials and ethically run factories. Designed and made in San Francisco, California. 

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

She is at ease and comfortable with herself. She appreciates style over fashion, quality fabrics and subtle elegance. She knows what she wants, often works in art or design or a creative field. She wants to feel like herself in clothes but at her best, and is down to earth. She is the one in the room that you can’t stop looking at but she’s subtle about it. She is stylish, but not trendy, never overt. It’s like she just is that way but didn’t even try.


What is your most popular piece?

The Adelaide, Barre, Caroline, Lockwood and Meiere Gown.


What advice would you give to brides-to-be?

Be true to yourself, try to keep it manageable, do what you can to just be able to enjoy the day as best as you are able. That might mean eloping or a 200+ person wedding, be true to what YOU and your partner think is best, not what you think others or society expects of you. Think of what you want to look at in photos 20 years from now. Wear the look of your dreams, color even!


As a designer, what tips do you have for brides to get the most out of their fittings?

I want them to feel comfortable, fall in love with a piece, be clear in what makes them feel incredible but also maintain a sense of their true selves. I also try to ask them to put on things they might not have tried, try similar styles back to back, always take photos and when in doubt -sleep on it!


Do you offer a custom design service for brides? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

We customize our designs all the time, typically with regards to color or simple changes such as skirt length or strap. But we also hand paint some of our styles which can be on a custom basis. The typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their gown?

Our main qualities for our bridal pieces are a washed silk charmeuse, heavy 4ply silk crepe, and silk organza. We recommend dry cleaning to be safe. Use a steamer to take care of the wrinkles. We have a nice ease and simplicity to most of our designs so there is very little maintenance required.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Ethically made, infused in unrushed Californian thought; this effortlessly individualistic label brings to life our love of imperfectly perfect nonchalant bridal looks spilling with wild romance, leaving us in unapologetic reverie.


For the Bride…

Seeking a gown crafted with soul, with consideration, with an appreciation for the feminine form as art. Each piece heartfelt, KAMPERETT strips back complexity from bridal, leaving silhouettes that speak for themselves.


Styling Tips…

Opt for the Sade silken low back slip paired with a chic mule for a classic civic elopement, and for those having a late Summer afternoon oceanic celebration, style the Meiere silk organza gown over a long slip with minimalistic beauty, and a twisted knot bun for the ceremony. After dusk falls, changing the slip for a neutral bodysuit and baroque pearl earrings to dance under a star-studded sky.