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About Kinga Csilla

Carefully considered, slowly made and hand finished garments made from delicate cottons, linens, silks, embroidery and knits. Made with love in India. 

Behind The Brand

What destinations would your customer wear your pieces?

She’s at home from the pebbly shores of Liguria, to the pastel buildings of old Delhi via the Azure pools of Budapest.

She’s got an old-world travel vibe.


What styling tips and advice do you have for women ahead of their vacation or honeymoon?

Invest in the holy trinity; good mascara, good vintage denim and some gold medallions, vintage of course!

These three staples elevate anything from a bikini crop to a linen blouse.


What is your most popular style?

The Marrakech Rose dress and all of its pretty incarnations.


What advice do you give to women to care for their garments while on holiday?

Roll don’t fold.

Baby wipes work miracles and if you have a stain dab from both sides of the fabric. I learned this from a million photoshoots on location.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

We love the lightness and ease of dressing in these natural, thoughtfully made garments.


For the woman…

For the adventure seeking traveller with a rebel heart and an old soul.


Styling tips…

These pieces are great for layering over swimwear to the beach and styling up with jewelry and accessories come night.