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About Krystle Knight Jewellery

Krystle Knight, is continually inspired by the exquisite elemental beauty which surrounds her. She seeks to transform this beauty in its raw form to create stunning, intricate and unique jewellery. With an adoration for the natural beauty of crystals and a belief in its spiritual healing properties, Krystle Knight offers an aesthetically rich collection of fine, romantic and delicate jewels, harnessing the essence of spirituality, purity and clarity in each individual piece. Elegant yet understated with a sense of nomadic wonder, Krystle Knight Jewellery is a unique choice for any bride seeking timeless style on her wedding day.

Behind The Brand

Your best piece of advice for buying jewellery for an event or gift?

For gift purchasing, always try to find out what metals they wear, as most girls are a gold or silver type of person (however people are starting to mix their metals, which is amazing!) but there is nothing worse than receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery in the metal that isn’t your vibe & you have to exchange it.  I have definitely found myself stalking Instagram accounts for people looking for a gift for someone, who are unsure what metal color they wear!

For an event, always find a piece that complements the outfit & sits well at the neckline (if it is a necklace) to ensure the piece can be seen. Sometimes just one statement piece is all your need. For me, I find myself always layered in a bunch of pieces my favorite pieces.


What was the spark for Krystle Knight Jewellery? Where did the story begin?

KKJ began nearly 6 years ago now, it has always been a love & never felt like work. Ever. I feel so grateful. The brand came from the love of crystals & the love of simple yet statement jewellery that really focused on the beauty of the crystals (oh plus being made redundant from two jobs back to back in the fashion wholesale industry forcing me to work full time on KKJ very early on) Timing really is everything. The universe already has a plan for all of us.


What inspires you creatively?

Travel, Books, the rabbit hole of Pinterest, designing to sampling, to photographing… & then seeing the end product, keeps me focused & inspired.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

There are a few… AFRICA. is incredible, the Amalfi Coast is beautiful & Morocco is oh so memorable.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Now with a baby, we tend to relax a lot at home on the weekend as a little family, or we head out to breakfast in Brunswick (just outside of Byron) & go for a little walk. Coming into summer, we will start jumping in for a swim while we are down there!


A favorite quote?

Live your love

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Crystals harness vibrational energy to heal in unique ways, leaving us feeling lifted, inspired and protected. 


For the woman… 

For the gypsy, the nomad, the spiritualist in us all. 


Styling tips…

Wear your Krystle Knight piece based on what you need in your life… amethyst for calm, rose quartz for love, agate for balance or clear quartz for clarity.