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About Maniamania

The MANIAMANIA Fine collection features a selection of elegant alternative bridal and commitment rings, pieces to fall in love with that can be effortlessly worn everyday. Known for their directional style, symbolic significance in the designs and gemstones, all pieces are handmade in New York. Honouring the idea that jewellery holds the energy of the wearer, becoming a future generation of heirlooms, MANIAMANIA FINE pieces are beautifully nostalgic in aesthetic while inherently modern in design. All pieces are created with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, which are energy cleared, ready for the wearer to make their very own.

Editor’s Diary

Why we love it… 

Suffused with decadence, and steeped in symbolism, there’s a magic that spills from every Maniamania jewel.


For the woman…

Who desires design that echoes vintage cuts and an otherworldly allure with celestial designs.


Our favorite piece…

A ceremonial classic, the Ritual Solitaire Ring dripped in white diamonds and a single champagne diamond.