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About Mondial By Nadia

With a passion for rare and exotic gemstones, bold concepts, and creating meaningful and symbolic pieces, Nadia Neuman has established herself as one of Australia's most distinguished jewelry designers. The Mondial by Nadia boutique is built upon the honesty and integrity the Mondial brand has maintained over the past 60 years. The store and its collections are a reflection of Nadia’s contemporary flair and design expertise. Nadia's unique approach to design has captivated the industry resulting in her winning numerous jewellery design awards from prestigious national and international bodies. Mondial by Nadia prides itself on being able to offer a dynamic selection of pieces to suit every personality and unique style.

Behind The Brand

Where are your gemstones and diamonds sourced from?

Being part of a long-established family business means both our personal lives and our business lives are very much intertwined. We have always run a business where our ethics are at the heart of our core values and because of this, we feel a responsibility and accountability to our customers, the community, and the environment. We source our gemstones locally whenever possible and the gems we’ve sourced from overseas are all certified and fully traceable from credible and reliable suppliers. All of our white diamonds are sourced from suppliers and manufacturers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, addressing human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, and product disclosure.

We want to make a positive impact today and for the future and we feel that one of the best ways we can do this is to do our bit to help alleviate climate change. In order to address both our customers’ and our own increasing concerns, we have become the first fine jewelry business in Australia to be carbon neutral! In addition to this, we are committed to offsetting the impact we make on the planet by supporting bio-diverse reforestation programs. From January 2021, a portion of the proceeds of every item sold is donated to plant trees in the Yarra biodiversity corridor. This is a region in southwest W.A, with an exceptionally high number of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world, and is under threat of destruction. Given that reforestation is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere, it is our most effective climate change solution to date.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Actually, 90% of what we do is custom work. Customers are drawn into the boutique from the exquisite display of jewelry in the window, displaying our more conceptual designs. We attract customers who are after something beautifully unexpected. They envision a unique creation that tells a story about them, their life, and their own personal style. Like our clients, we believe that jewelry is a personal signature, fusing symbolic meaning and sentimentality to represent a special moment in time or reflect our client’s unique aesthetics. Jewelry has a special way of telling you something about the wearer’s style and at the same time, it can hold special personal memories about beautiful moments in time.

What customers are constantly surprised at is that this service doesn’t cost them any more than selecting an item out of the window. The beauty of custom work is that we can make anything to suit any taste and any price range. It’s always about exceptional design and sourcing the right stones that fit within the customer’s budget. What’s important to us is that our customers get exactly what they want and if they’re not quite sure of what that looks like, we’re experienced enough to know the right questions to ask about their style and lifestyle, to guide them in the right direction.

Once I’ve sat with the customer and have a clear idea of what they want, the next step is sourcing stones that meet all of their requirements. We’ve specialized in stone sourcing for the last 30 years and have an exceptional range of colored gemstones, so sourcing only takes as long as a week. We then meet again, have a peruse of the selection and I educate the client on the merits of each stone’s unique character. If my client falls in love with a stone, then we finalize the design then and there, and the final creation is usually complete in about 4-5 weeks.


What is your most popular piece?

I don’t know if we have a most popular piece as the designs are constantly changing and evolving. Customers come to us when they want something more unique, a special piece with a special gem and we really can source anything they dream up. That’s the beauty of being established for such a long time; we have long-lasting and reliable relationships with our suppliers and we get the most incredible stones at competitive prices.

We specialize in colored stone engagement rings, in fact, our Sapphire engagement rings are very popular. A lot of people don’t realize that Sapphires come in every color under the sun, except for red and they’re called rubies. Because sapphires are hard-wearing and durable, in fact, second hardest down from diamonds, they make great engagement rings and our customers can select one in any color, tone and hue they dream of.


What advice would you give to a couple looking for their wedding jewelry?

Oh, so much advice but in short, go to a jeweler you feel comfortable with. Both you and your jeweler are emotionally invested in making you the creation of your dreams. Remember that the more personal your jewelry is, the more it has a touch of ‘you’ in it, the more it will suit you, and the more you will love it. Also, there are many styles that are very fashionable at the moment but not very practical. If you’re investing time, effort, and money into creation, you’ll want it to last through the decades. You want to use materials that will last the test of time, something that you can pass on to the next generations. Personally, I think working with a well-established, reputable jeweller is key to getting a fine quality piece of jewelry that is both well made, well designed and will last through the generations with all the necessary accompanying paperwork. Also, it’s the well-established jewelers that will probably be around for your anniversaries, the birth of your babies, and all the special celebrations. It’s important to find someone who you trust and can keep on coming back to, build a relationship with, and get looked after properly.


What tips do you have for couples to care for their jewelry?

To clean your diamonds, I recommend using warm water, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and a bit of detergent. Diamonds are notorious for attracting greasy substances like moisturizers, makeup, and other products. So giving them a clean with a washing detergent cuts through the film. Also, if you have an espresso machine, holding your jewelry under the steamer once you’ve given it a bit of a brush, will get rid of all of the muck. Also, any time our customers are in town, they pop in to get their jewelry all sparkly new again. It takes me 5 minutes and it always makes a big difference.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

In a magical collision of legacy and contemporary design, Mondial by Nadia’s artful designs are instant heirlooms for modern couples. Inspired by her upbringing as the daughter of Mondial fine jewelers Maria and Fred Neuman, Nadia weaves her passion for rare and otherworldly stones into her custom design practice today. Nadia sources the most incredible natural colored diamonds, their radiance amplified by her sculptural and intricate designs.


For the couple…

Mondial by Nadia’s jewelry is for the couple looking to create a one-of-a-kind engagement piece that spills with contemporary sophistication, underscored by exceptional craftsmanship. Nadia’s pieces embody your unique aesthetic and story as she meticulously tailors each piece to her clients in an unparalleled co-creation experience – Nadia can bring anything you dream to life.


Styling tips…

In a potent combination of contemporary design and gemological perfection, Nadia’s pieces speak for themselves. Adorn Nadia’s Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring with bare skin for a bold statement all on its own, steeped in architectural beauty.