About Morelife Films

Our films have a refined modern, cinematic and romantic approach to them.

The celebration of two individuals coming together and their connection inspires us to capture genuine moments to create captivating films that encapsulate our couples unique and vibrant personalities.


Behind The Brand

How would you describe your videography style?

Our style is refined and cinematic. Our films are driven by our couples story and personalities. Our aim is to showcase everyone in a genuine and authentic way.

At the very core of what we do is ensuring that our couples can enjoy their celebration and having a great connection with them so they feel relaxed in our company. We document the day in a way that we thrive on the beauty of spontaneity. We know some of the most extraordinary moments arise unexpectedly and we love to transform these surprises into captivating scenes.


What is it that makes a wedding film magical?

Documenting weddings, being that they are a one-of-a-kind event at a point in time is incredibly special in itself, but what makes a wedding film magical is the the range of senses and emotions you can feel when watching it. A wedding film that has an immersive and evolving story that showcases not only stunning visuals but the personalities of a couple individually and together creates a timeless piece that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


How do you select music to accompany your footage? 

Along with the visuals we capture, and dialogue chosen for the story, the music we pick always complements these two components. It comes back to our connection with our couples. We get a good idea of the types of music they not only like, but also the style of music they have on their day. We then choose music which will be a good reflection of our couples and their day. We often use a mix of tracks with varying pace and tempo throughout a film that moves the story from beginning to end. Getting the right mix of tracks is one of the most important parts of the post production process and we ensure we spend the time to choose music our couples will love.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

We do. We love to travel and will go to most places around the world to capture your wedding.


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take?

We keep all of our editing in house and both Chelsea and I (John) collaborate on every edit.  We spend the necessary time on every couples film to ensure it is perfect. Generally our turn around time is about 16 weeks.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding youve captured…

It’s not so much a moment, but a series of events with so many incredible moments we captured.

Friends of ours, decided to split their wedding into three parts. They had originally planned to elope in Europe and come home and have a big party. Instead, they decided to have a celebration with all of their family and friends a few weeks before they left for Europe, and they decided to make it official a couple of days prior to the party by holding a legals-only ceremony.

What ensued was some of the most amazing moments we have ever witnessed. The legals-only ceremony was held on the roof of their apartment as the sun set with just immediate family and they were married by a good friend who is a professional celebrant.

The wedding (or party) was held at Redleaf Wollombi and it was such a special day celebrating amongst all of their friends and family, along with their dog. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening, with impromptu ceremony from a friend who told their story and a surprise pop-up crowd choir sung. There was also amazing styling, several musicians playing, and the most epic reception dance floor entrance ever.

They then jetted over to Europe where we travelled with them to the Amalfi coast and they read their vows to each other as the rain came down on a Saturday afternoon with 15 of their closest. The weekend was spent dining and indulging on amazing food and wine and soaking up the Amalfi coast in a vintage Alfa Romeo.

The whole thing is one of the most epic and amazing things we have ever been a part of, let alone had the privilege of filming.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Authentic storytelling and thoughtfully crafted compositions are combined in Morelife Films artful work. Cinematically capturing unexpected moments, intriguing details and the raw beauty of a wedding day, their films unfold, taking the viewer on a poetic journey focused on the couple and who they are at the very core, captivating from start to finish.

For the couple…

For the couple wanting a timeless wedding film, to be watched (and truly felt) together, with family, and for the generations beyond. They’ll know there’s not a more impactful way to document the moments that mean the most to them.


Get comfortable with your videographer and try not to change in front of the camera. Allow them to fade into the background and capture authentic moments like a fly-on-the-wall. Often the unscripted scenes are those that hold the most weight in the final edit, evoking the strongest emotion.


Images – House of Lucie