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About Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Mrs Gibbons Flowers create aesthetically beautiful floral pieces uniquely designed for couples on their wedding day. Inspired by nature and each couples unique personality, they deliver wedding designs that remain unique and authentic to each of their couples. With a style that is modern, textural romance our floral designs help to create weddings that ignites emotion, intimacy and unforgettable memories.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Mrs Gibbons Flowers? Where did your story begin?

I have been in love with flowers since I was a small child. My grandfather would spend hours upon hours showing me all the beautiful and unusual plants in his overflowing greenhouse. Whatever he touched blossomed, he would hybridise orchids and all manner of plants. I don’t remember any of his creations being anything short of glorious. My mother and father were also keen gardeners and our home growing up was an overflowing jungle of big leaves. We never ran short on adventures and truly loved all that God’s earth had for us.

I fell into floristry at the age of 14, I started off looking after the deliveries, watering plants, bleaching buckets, dusting shelves (you name it, I did it). What truly made me fall in love with floristry was handing over a bunch or vase of thoughtful blooms to the recipient. I will never be able to truly describe the look in someone’s eyes or the smile that beams off a face or the way flowers can dry up a river of tears. I wanted to create these day changers and I was hooked. I still am. Seeing the reaction on my client’s face is priceless, the tears of joy, the squeals. My heart is truly overflowing at that point, knowing that the months of meetings, phone calls, mood boards have blown you away!

That’s why Mrs Gibbons Flowers exists, we truly love to create beautiful floral pieces that represent you, your dreams, an elopement, a bridal shower, a reception, your office or a product launch, whatever the occasion our team wants to bring your event to life. We love creating breathtaking concepts that are specific to you. We love sitting down with you and hearing your stories, your ideas, your vision and helping make sure your occasion is truly a representation of you. Each of our events is worked on by my handpicked team of epic florists who represent who Mrs Gibbons is and our aesthetic.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from nature, I love being in the bush, gardens, rainforests – that is where I am truly inspired. The formation of trees, plants and blooms helps guide our pieces. I am also truly inspired by our couples, by their stories and their vision.


What advice do you give brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

I always speak to my brides about being true to themselves and what colors/styles they are naturally drawn to. To remember that their day is about them and the love they share, to stay true to why the day is happening. It is their day to express and honor the love they have for each other.

Another piece of advice we give is celebrate less is more, to have one large WOW piece and let that speak for itself and everything else is to accentuate and play off that piece.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

I am absolutely loving freakebana at the moment, I adore how the style celebrates the opposite of abundance!

I am most certainly ‘one of those people’ but honestly, I love all flowers haha! However, I am most drawn to all manner of orchids, anthuriums, magnolia blooms, daphne (that smell!) lilac… oooh, I could go on and on.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A sculptural florist, leading the way for discerning couples holding their wedding in the Brisbane/Tweed region. Amber and David provide you with artful floral installations with an ethereal nature.


For the couple…

For the modern, whimsical couple who appreciate the artistry involved in flower displays. They’re looking to wow their guests with elegant, romantic installations.


Styling tips…

Opt for their speciality – a signature floating cloud-like floral display.