About Nice Plume

Bonjour! Nice Plume is a design and calligraphy studio that specializes in fine hand written, bespoke wedding and event stationery. Based in Nice, French Riviera, Nice Plume provides organic chic, custom hand lettering and illustrations on envelopes, wedding day elements, invitations, signages and more. With a special French touch, to make your special day unforgettable! A bientôt!

Behind The Brand

Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

I was lucky enough to live 13 years of my childhood in many different countries : Caraïbes, Indian Ocean , Africa, French Polynesia. I have traveled in addition a lot, to USA, Oceania, Asia, India, Europe.

I would have lived in Bali! I fell in love with the mentality and the mystical spirit of these islands I travelled to 3 times. I went to Australia in 2013 and I was absolutely in connection with this big country and the people, it reminded so many good memories I have had in French Polynesia. In Australia we can feel the mix between Oceania culture and way of life with the European touch. And one of the most incredible country to me is still India … such another world so inspiring and breathtaking in every way.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

My typical week end is both working then enjoying life with family or friends as I’m doing my passion as a job and everything is a little bit mixed.


A favorite quote?

My favorite quote (for the double meaning of “sign” is from PAOLO Coelho book The Alchemist. “In life, everything is a sign”.