About Olivia & Dan

Destination wedding photographers Olivia & Dan are united by a passion for photography and cinema, and driven by a desire to document powerful love stories. They capture intimate, natural moments and harness the raw emotion of your wedding day to create evocative imagery with a cinematic style. The result is a visual narrative rich in emotion that reflects both the spirit of your celebration, and your unique connection as a couple. Olivia & Dan divide their time between bases in London, Devon and Italy, but operate worldwide. 

Oliva & Dan have a strong fascination with human connection – depicting authentic moments, genuine emotion and documenting emotive stories. Taking inspiration from cinema, they harness the use of natural light and interesting composition to create timeless, nostalgic imagery. Blending fine-art and documentary techniques, they offer a little direction throughout the day but, overall, endeavour to merge into the background to capture natural, moving and sincere moments – a shy smile, a touch of the hands, a playful gesture – brief instants that highlight your unique connection as a couple, which is what they love to focus on the most.

In 2020, Olivia & Dan were awarded the prestigious Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars Of Wedding Photography award. 

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography style?

Evocative and cinematic with a storytelling approach.


What is it that makes an image magical?

An image with an atmospheric narrative, like a still from an art-house film.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

Try and reframe what is happening in your mind. It’s not about having your photo taken, it’s about spending some time with the person you love most in the world, the person you’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with. Our aim is to always capture the couple’s natural connection, so whilst we offer a little direction, we encourage couples to forget we are there and have a moment with each other.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

We live in London most of the year but travel internationally for weddings. We’ve shot in Joshua Tree, Iceland and Tuscany to name a few. Since the birth of our daughter, we are shooting closer to home, but we also have a base in northern Italy where we spend most of the summer, so we take on more weddings in Italy over this period.


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take?

It depends on the time of year and the size of the wedding, but as a rough guide, it takes about 6-8 weeks to receive your wedding photos back. For us, post-production is a crucial process that completes the mood of our photography and ultimately influences how the viewer interprets the final image. We use a subtle cinematic color grade to enhance the nostalgic tone of our work, and it takes time to polish that look off in post-production.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve photographed…

It’s an honor to be invited into people’s lives and document such a personal event. When we really think about it – that’s a huge deal, and we’ve felt privileged to witness some incredibly touching moments. A magical moment for us was receiving an unexpected email from the groom’s mother who couldn’t travel to her son’s wedding in London because of the pandemic. Based in New Zealand, she explained it was extremely hard to watch her son get married thousands of miles away from her, so the photos were incredibly special, and had moved her to tears. Acknowledgments such as that are always a humble, yet a magical reminder of how important our job as wedding photographers is.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Moody, cinematic and artistically composed, Olivia & Dan poetically immortalize every detail of the day, crafting a visual journal palpable with pure feeling and intimate beauty.


For the couple…

Who want soulful, sensory and creatively captured frames that speak with a quiet beauty and mood. Those drawn to the world of film and the nostalgic allure of the cinema will love Olivia & Dan’s aesthetic.


Editor’s tip…

Olivia & Dan’s unobtrusive approach allows for even the most unguarded and ephemeral of moments to be captured beautifully, authentically. So let go of any stress, exhale, and look to the incredible moment unfolding right in front of you instead of worrying about where the lens may be or forcing a disingenuous pose. Trust in their ability and their incredible eye.