About Orient House

Located in the World Heritage region of northern Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountains, this vacation home for rent is surrounded by a centuries-old oak tree forest in complete privacy just inside of the tiny village of Orient. 

The simple and straightforward design is in harmony with the environment with clean lines and a fenestrated facade that combines the indoor and outdoor spaces. The interiors are composed of warm earthy materials with lofty and spacious beamed rooms and contemporary style. 

Behind The Brand

Your best advice for honeymoon/vacation planning?

The valley of Orient in Mallorca is a perfect place to begin your romance. For decades, this little picturesque village with its Mediterranean landscape is one of the famous honeymoon destination spots in the world. Orient only has a few stone houses in a Unesco World Heritage Area, far away from mass tourism. In the past, our honeymoon couples have enjoyed the peace and quiet, the sounds of the birds, the little restaurants within walking distance with both traditional and also international cuisine, and also its landscape with lots of Nordic Walking paths through the valley and the mountains.

The island of Mallorca is also well known for its amazing beaches, being one of the most popular destinations in summer in Europe.


What can couples expect to see and experience when staying at Orient House?

Surrounded by centuries-old oak trees, the place is magical, an extremely peaceful retreat in the mountains of Mallorca. Its simple design radiates harmony and fresh tranquillity. The untreated wood surfaces and the use of natural materials creates a functional, homey atmosphere.

This luxurious shelter has a lovely fenestrated facade that forms the walls combining the indoor and outdoor spaces, with lovely views of the Mediterranean garden and pool.

It’s a perfect relaxing retreat for honeymoon but still close to the most amazing beaches and must-do spots of the island.


What advice do you have in terms of packing?

We do advise to hire a car and pack the basics to enjoy a simple, quiet and peaceful stay. We do provide basic groceries for the first day, and you will find local bakeries, shops and villages nearby to get anything that you may need.

A must-do for the packing, your phone or camera to capture memories that will last forever.


What’s the best time of year to visit?

Best time to visit March, April, early May, late October and November, but of course summer months on the island are also a great choice to enjoy the lovely beaches and our Mediterranean lifestyle.


Describe a perfect day when staying at Orient House?

A quiet breakfast overlooking our olive groves, a hidden swim in our pool and a walk through the mountains. Or visit the most amazing beaches of the island, buy groceries in local markets of the area, visit local wineries, beautiful landscapes and then return to this architectural gem to relax. Dress up for an amazing dinner within walking distance from the house in a little stone village.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A secluded, architectural gem with a contemporary feel. Beautifully and intentionally designed, we love the serenity the space and it’s surroundings exude. An inspiring escape enclosed by picturesque rural terrain.


For the couple…

Who prize both nature and design and want an immersive experience that’s far from crowds and wandering eyes.


Packing tips…

Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to explore the various hiking trails found within the region.