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About Polen Studio

Formed by a trio of professionals, Polen Studio specializes in creative wedding decoration and floristry. They honor Portuguese wedding history and traditions, and at the same time, bring in a fresh perspective of modern European floristry and decoration. Their works are exquisite and otherworldly, using unusual shapes, textures, contrasts, and experimenting with large shapes and small details.

The team at Polen Studio are inspired by contemporary art and design, installation artworks, electronic music, vintage items, and sunsets over the ocean.

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for Polen Studio? Where did your story begin?

Many years ago, when our main florist was a child, she helped her grandmother in the garden with flowers. Grandma’s garden, flowers, and vases still inspire her when she creates her arrangements.

Once we got together and realized we wanted to give people an unforgettable experience of beauty, we started wedding planning and created our own flower shop. Over several years of working in Portugal, we have seen many opportunities arise here to bring in something new and modern to local floristry.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Our inspiration is in unity with nature and our favorite music.

Songs can create pictures in the mind, and from a flower, an image is then born of what we can create for a couple. We meet a couple, choose flowers for them, and then imagination does its job.


What advice do you have brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

Flip through your family photo albums, look at your family ancestral treasures, remember the happy moments of your life. Keep in mind that your wedding is not just one day — it will last forever in your memories. Ask your florist to make some flower arrangements in advance but give them the freedom and space for magic. Find a florist who’s in love with their job and can create incredible things. And remember that beauty is in the details.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

Every day our preferences change and we follow our hearts. We like to experiment and try different things. A wedding ceremony on the beach will have one floral story, while a ceremony at the old manor will have another. Today we might use wildflowers and tomorrow we might use tropical flowers and leaves. The main thing for us is not a specific style or flower, but the harmony we create. We respect and love every flower and we need to show its beauty. We will never add in extra flowers just for the sake of it, every flower is important and every flower has a purpose. Only then can it bring harmony to the whole composition.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

Born out of a pure love of flowers, Polen Studio is a modern approach to floristry by three experts, delivering otherworldly bouquets and installations to weddings across Europe. We love the romance encapsulated within their arrangements, and their considered, impassioned approach.


For the couple…

For the creative couple looking for poetic and innovative florists, and are open to them experimenting with different varieties, colours and moods.


Styling tips…

Allow the ladies at Polen Studio to get to know you and your style. Let them use that to create floral magic, with their artistic flair and signature European touches.