About Prunella

Prunella’s botanical arrangements are stunning in their elegance, their beauty and their simplicity. Luxurious fresh-cut blooms sit alongside sculptural branches to inspire true moments of wonder. Contrasting scale and colour create romantic theatricality. The scent of old fashioned roses transports you to the lush depths of an overgrown 19th century garden. Signature urns inspired by the faded grandeur of a European chateau overflow with seasonal florals and wild trailing green. Prunella’s creations are abundant, irresistible and unforgettable.

Behind The Brand

Your best piece of advice for event planning?

For drama and magnificence, big is always better! We recommend focussing on a fabulous feature floral creation that will leave your guests breathless, rather that lots of smaller arrangements throughout a venue or space.

Also, fragrance is a powerful, often forgotten detail. There is nothing more memorable than entering a room filled with the heady fragrance of a thousand garden roses in full bloom. Scent is also the most visceral of the five senses. So the signature scent of your celebration will imprint upon guest memories, forever.

Seasonal Splendour – using blooms when they’re in season means they’ll be at their best on the day.  And romantically, each year at that same time, you will smell the rose, lilac, honeysuckle or gardenia (perhaps choosing to fill your home with it) and be transported straight back to your wedding day.

Last but not least, let go of control and allow yourself to enjoy the experience of your wedding day.  It passes so quickly and some of the most memorable moments are the spontaneous, the fleeting and the unplanned – rather than perfect. Choose a team of creatives and experts that you truly trust, then relax and let them do what they do best.


What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

We were inspired when we made the move from the city to the country. We found ourselves immersed more fully in the shapeshifting seasons, more aware of our surroundings and the changeable nature of nature itself. Flowers, foliage, scent and sculpture each offer infinite possibilities to create with. Our arrangements and ideas ebb and flow in tandem with the changing landscape around us.


What inspires you creatively?

Nature, in its magnificent, unadulterated state.  Letting the flowers do what they do naturally, organically and in abundance is what really makes our hearts sing. Honouring each of the seasons. Highlighting the beauty of each specimen. Celebrating their fleeting forms.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Paris. From the flea markets (which are a mecca for oversized antique urns) to the incredible food, wine and produce. It always feels like an adventure for the senses, and as the city for lovers, re-ignites our inner romantics, reminding us why we love what we do.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Up to our elbows in flowers! Most weekends we’re creating dramatic floral installations for our weddings and events, including those hosted at Churchill, our boutique event property in the Macedon Ranges. In the Winter months, you might find us holding private dinners and intimate soirees in our floral studio, with a wine in hand.


A favorite quote?

“I don’t like standard beauty. There is no beauty without strangeness.” – Karl Lagerfeld