About Rana Flora

Rana Flora is a floral design studio in New York City. The founder and principal designer, Rana Kim, worked in fashion before discovering her passion for flowers and floral design. She enjoys the process of selecting flowers to discover their magical relationship, each enhancing the other.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A sea of color and sculpted simplicity, the winning combination and principal design ethos behind Rana’s work. Her contemporary and artisanal designs evoke a feeling of connectivity and serenity in a way that enhances every single project she works on. Every floral display leaves a lasting and thought provoking impression – we feel inspired in her design presence!

For the couple…

Delicate and sculptural should be the two words in mind when looking to book with Rana. Adding depth and artistry to your occasion with her posturing and intricate native designs. There are so few floral artisans who understand the value of space, Rana is one of them.