About Salt Media

We are led by story and believe that an authentic image has to start with connection. We value the connections we have with our couples, seeking to resonate with their sense of home. Our heart to inject a sense of nostalgia and belonging in our images.

Our goal is to capture the beautiful mess and tangle of a wedding day and preferring an un tampered authenticity to a perfect image. We have a soft romantic disposition to our work which gravitates towards both texture and harsh light, utilizing it to frame subjects in a way that curates a timeless elegance.


Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

We initially didn’t want to shoot weddings. Soph had photographed weddings previous to Salt and found the heart of it over the years had changed. As the social media world took over, couples no longer looked to what served them and their relationship as a celebration, but instead shifted to chase down exactly what they saw on the gram – a mimicked celebration of someone else’s day. We hated the thought of contributing in the same manor to a wedding world that had subconsciously become driven by popularity or the need to look a specific way. We pushed against the drive to do weddings because we did not want to fall into the trap of comparison, and Pinterest boards. Although we caved and gave in to the world of wedding madness, we are proud to say that we have done all we can in our business to champion the unique. We strive to give voice to stories and personality in our films, making a dedicated effort to isolate the character of our couples and champion those smaller unique moments that really honor their love. In our photography, we stive to look beyond the construct of a wedding, to challenge our couples to celebrate their way. We encourage and make room for those seemingly insignificant moments that share the story of home in our couples.

The realization that we could make our own wedding world, isolated from the masses – a world that created space for the messy, real, quirky, honest and unique kind of love. To make the messy and imperfect part of personality and celebration. We still chase and practice this vision, and get better every year at allowing space for real story but the need for authenticity to be made elegant is what drew us into weddings.

How would you describe your photography style?

Soft, romantic, edgy, and sophisticated. We utilize a lot of light and shadow to create dynamics and give that cinematic warm feeling to our imagery. A romance of dynamic light with the iconic wide angles of a journalistic approach. Paired also with honest editorial images that classically honor texture, style and curation.

What inspires you creatively?

Beautifully curated words that are able to transcend cliché and communicate artistically and simply. Words and music drives all of our creative decisions in the cutting room floor – they become the soul of a film.

What is it that makes an image magical?

If it is honest, slightly rough around the edges or captures the energy of a moment. If a bride can look at herself unposed and really see how beautiful she is. If emotion has been exchanged in an uninterrupted way. Something that’s simple, insignificant and intimate.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Identify how you want your day to be celebrated and how ‘involved’ you want your photographer to be. Talk through the ideal way to spend your day, if you want to celebrate it by spending time creatively shooting photographs, or you lean more towards space and time with loved ones. When you approach your photographer, ask them how they prefer to work, and what lights them up creatively. Ask them what their dream couple is like, and see how you resonate with that.

It’s easy to get blinders on and see a few images on Instagram and fall in love – but in order to choose the best story teller for you, you will need a photographer who ‘gets you’ and can honestly look at your wedding in a way that feels like home to you. Ask to see a full gallery, ask what parts of the day are their favorite, ask them about a funny thing that happened at a wedding, ask them what their favourite wedding memory is. Just get to know them a little – ask a few meaningful questions and you will get a better understanding of who they are as people and what drives their creativity.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

A backyard wedding in a quaint French village – preferably with a grandmothers wedding dress and an abundance of wildflowers. If an English Bulldog is the best man then it’s going to be hard to beat.

The same in Italy where the nonna’s have come together to cook for everyone – spilt wine on table clothes, shared pasta and cheese. There would be some random old man serenading on an accordion somewhere.

Scotland – Glen Co – gah wild and heavenly – followed by a pub reception where everyone dances on the tables with whisky and cigars.

Australia: Deux Belettes | Jimbour Estate | Stones of the Yarra | The Grounds of Alexander | Red Leaf Woollombi

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Salt Media…

If you ever needed convincing about the importance of wedding videography, Salt Media surely demonstrate its potent beauty. Drawing you right into the unique magic of each couple’s love story, their photography and videography storytelling is truly special. Honest, soulful and poetic, they draw your eye over the little details and moments that hold inimitable beauty.

For the couple…

Who love the cohesively and ease that a wedding photography and videography duo bring. Who want the most honest, intimate details completely unique to their own story, captured in such a poetic way.