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About Sophie Et Voila

Sophie et Voilà was born from the blend of its Creative Director’s, Sofia Arribas, training as an architect and her close connection to haute couture. The result is a fashion firm specialized in bridal design that has a unique style and is easily distinguishable by the clean cuts of its creations.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

Since 2016, Sophie Et Voilà has created collections designed for women who are looking for something different in the current market. Inspired by the architecture and the transformation of Bilbao over time.

Sophie et Voilà works her pieces on a criteria that bets on the exquisite qualities of the fabrics and the impeccable finishes of the sewing, the sober design and the timelessness of their silhouettes, as well as the continuity and coherence of their collections.

Simple, pure, architectural and very clean lines. We were trying to create a collection that was missing in the market. This new collection is a continuity of last year´s collections but including new fabrics, new materials and different cuts, but at the same, being faithful to the style that Sophie Et Voilá represents.


What inspires you creatively?

To create a collection the first thing that our designer Sofía Arribas does is study a lot. For her it is necessary to see many images of fashion, landscape, architecture, culture, sculpture, painting. And from there… sketches are made. We create around 150-200 sketches to see which of those sketches could have a progression of each other.

Our audience is always a big inspiration, because the target audience of Sophie et Voilà are woman with a proper sense of fashion, woman who like to be trendy but at the same time have a strong character. They want to feel themselves in every piece of garment.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

For Sophie Et Voilá the most memorable place were we have gone is United States because for us this country represents exactly the definition of diversity, that gives to our brand an open mind perspective in all terms. Also, in our perspective is a marketing visionary and it help us in all sense in terms of inspiration for the future of Sophie Et Voilá.

United States has a huge amount of different cultures that gran to our brand an amazing opportunity to know them and learn the tastes and tradition of all the population around the world.

On the other hand another place that was very important for Sophie Et Voilá was our journey to Japon. In this country we could appreciate the real sense of tradition that they have in their life and the connection that all this have with the bride world, and of course, with Sophie Et Voilá. Also the adoration for all kind of noble fabrics as same as us.

On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

On a typical weekend we will be enjoying our free time with our families and having a great time enjoying the good weather or just chilling outside. At the same time, nowadays we must be always available because we work most of the time 24/7. We are coursing an important path for the company and we need to give our 100% to catch our goals in the future.


A favorite quote?

For Sofia Arribas the designer of Sophie Et Voila a phrase that truly inspires her is one of Le Corbusier identifies perfectly our inspiration. This phrase says, “I prefer to draw to talking, because drawing cannot lie. It is much more honest, what you see, what is drawn is what there is. A line is a line, a curve is a curve, and there you cannot fool anyone.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

We’re drawn to the sculptural, architectural lines that exude an almost avant-garde aesthetic.


For the woman…

Who is a pure minimalist at heart with appreciation for fashion forward silhouettes.


Styling tips…

Don’t over do it, a simple pair of pearl studs and classic heels will style together beautifully.