About Soru Jewellery

Soru; meaning sisters in Sicilian, launched in the UK in 2013 by British-Sicilian sisters Francesca and Marianna. Inspired by the way in which Sicilian women adorn themselves with jewellery for every occasion they set about creating a jewellery collection that was bold and ornate, reflecting the passion of Sicily itself. 

Natural semi-precious stones and crystals, such as agates, moonstones, opals and turquoise are carefully selected and set within solid silver. Each piece is handmade and has its own meaning and natural energy.

Behind The Brand

Your advice for vacation packing

Preparation!  Before I go away I always plan out how many outfits I will need, for which occasions and that the accessories I am taking will go with most of the looks so I not taking too many shoes and bags along with me. A good neural like raffia shoes and bags tend to go with everything.


What was the spark for Soru Jewellery? Where did the story begin?

Me and my sister have always loved fashion, style, jewellery and dressing up, we are both quite creative souls and at a time in our lives when we had left our jobs to look after our young children we just decided it was the best opportunity for us to have a go at building our own business based on what we ourselves loved to do and jewellery was the natural avenue for us with my experience as a jewellery buyer and Marianna’s husband working in the fine jewellery trade.


What inspires you creatively?

Our memories we have visiting Sicily as children, the love for life there, the passion for fashion and maximalist approach really stuck with me and how everything is so ornate and beautiful, everywhere you look.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Visiting Capri in late September time, the island calms down and you seem to have its beauty all to yourself, the weather is perfect and you can spend hours on the most breathtaking walks discovering little corners most people never even realise are there.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

At the park or national trust site with my daughter


A favorite quote?

“All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action” James Russell Lowell