About Stellaire

Musical artistry that captures the magic of starlit evenings and the celebration of love.

Behind The Brand

What first drew you to performing at weddings?

Celebration, the appreciation for love and the creative mediums that revere and express it. Music is mystifying, it tells stories and expresses feeling. We all connect with it individually but also find so much joy in sharing it. The privilege of performing, sonically expressing not only ourselves but the emotion of such unforgettable moments is infectious.

How would you describe your style and who are some of your influences?

Ethereal, dreamy, ambient music with full bodied resonator guitar, rich deep piano tones and sailing vocals. Our roots have always been in folk with poetic lyrics that hold meaning and tell stories, connecting with those listening.

Two of our biggest inspirations are Angus & Julia Stone and Fleetwood Mac. Both groups of artists use delicate sonic layers that intricately build upon each other to create a perfectly balanced sound. Not something totally measured or quantifiable but their music just makes you feel something and that is what we bring to each arrangement and each performance.

A few favorite songs you love to play at weddings?

Nothing Else by Angus & Julia Stone – Always our number one to perform. The chorus lyrics “there’s nothing else to do here, but kiss under the stars’ were a huge part in influencing our style and vibe. The song is truly magical, almost haunting chords with real life dreamy lyrics. We always knew this would be our aisle song for our own wedding and is perfect with piano and violin for an emotional entrance.

Harvest Moon – a first dance and evening favourite, this tune fills the air with revelry, both sonically and lyrically.

Two Strong Hearts – perfect for any moment, strong vocals, emotive chord changes and beautiful harmonies, this is truly such a joy to sing.

Tell us about the process a couple would usually experience with you after booking?

Music has a really easy process. Once booked all our couples have to do is choose the songs for their biggest moments; walking down the aisle, signing the register and exiting as a married couple for their ceremony, as well as their first dance and parent dance. If we don’t know a song chosen for any of these moments, we will learn it.

All the rest of the music for live sets and breaks is chosen by us on the day. Our couples are invited to their own personal folder containing a brief questionnaire that covers all the essential information we need to make sure the day runs smoothly. This questionnaire can either be filled in by the couple or their wedding planner and doesn’t need to be finalized until about a month out from the wedding.

What advice would you give couples when choosing wedding entertainment?

You cannot go past the beauty of live performance for your ceremony, this can be small or large scale and continued until the first dance and beyond with a duo and/or interactive band. We recommend having a DJ to finish the night after the band and dance until your hearts content.

Purely, live music is just magic. It’s live art, a performance that brings an aesthetic to life so choose entertainment that fits with your vision for your day and is also the type of music that you connect with and love.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

Known for their ethereal acoustics in the world of luxury weddings, there is a reason Stellaire are so successful. With a focus on bohemian musical arrangements and beautiful aesthetics, they will offer to service your day with everything from brass accompaniment, to band to DJ sets. We just simply adore their florally adorned grand white piano!

For the couple…

Whimsical songs en masse, this is an artistic and visionary take on event acoustics that is made for those sonically minded couples who equally love their romantic aesthetic. Located in Australia, the duo are willing to travel internationally.