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About Styled By Her

Based on Sydney’s gorgeous Northern Beaches, Styled by Hers’ aesthetic is very much in-line with today’s relaxed, free spirited bride – bohemian luxe with a touch of whimsy. Sourcing products from artisans all over the globe, great pride is taken to ensure that every celebration is unique, personal and ridiculously beautiful.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Styled By Her? Where did your story begin?

‘Styled by Her’ was created shortly after my first baby was born. After becoming a mother, I didn’t want to leave my baby to go back to work. I have a design background and had styled a few weddings for friends, so I started my business in the hope of being able to keep being creative and work from home with my son. I didn’t want to miss out on a single minute with him. I had absolutely no experience in events or working with flowers but I am very driven and hardworking when I’m passionate about something. Learning on the job and having no preconceived ideas of how things should be done has given me the freedom to be creative and find my own aesthetic. It has been five years since I started my own business and I am so thankful I did, I honestly love what I do.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

If I had to put a label to the style of my products, I guess I would say ‘coastal luxe’. I’m based seaside and use high-quality styling items from marble to lead crystal to linens, a neutral palette with a focus on texture and placement. I spend a lot of time sourcing unique items to make sure that my offering is one of a kind. I offer a personalised service depending on what my couples are wanting. Some like to be very involved in the design and others leave it entirely with me, I truly appreciate the trust that they place in me. Although my aesthetic is consistent, I always make each event different because pushing boundaries drives me creatively.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

Complete styling, flowers and stationery. All of the styling stock and furniture I use is my own so my couples have complete access to all of my beautiful items. I look after the visual and the feeling of the space, I design it to make the guests feel something. Focusing on thoughtful placement, layout, lighting, even down to the carefully chosen scent drifting through the air from the organic oils in the beautiful ceramic diffuser. No element is too small and they should all work in harmony. I love the details.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a theme or style for their wedding?

The purpose of styling a space is to make you feel something, think about how you want to feel in the space. Whether it is an intimate or large event, each and every guest wants to feel thought of and considered. There are so many elements to consider but the main ones I think are keeping the feel/theme cohesive and creating a focal feature. There are so many beautiful items and ideas you could bring into every event, however, they need to seamlessly flow together. You need to edit them and save the ones that don’t quite fit for another time. Creating one main focal feature or area is the best way to create that ‘wow’ factor to any space.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

The work of Styled by Her is nothing but heartfelt magic. She creates the kind of poetic, fleeting daydream you won’t ever want to leave. Ridiculously beautiful and personal.


For the couple…

Who encapsulates a beautiful bohemia love story, searching for an original setting which is considered, worldly and creative.


Styling tips…

Let Her do her, you won’t regret it.