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About Tali Photography

Tali Photography founded 2008 by Tali, is a team of destination wedding photographers based in Germany. Joined by their mutual passion for traveling, fashion and photography, they developed and established a distinctive style over the years.

This distinctive, fashion-forward style channels effortless elegance, to create dreamy and luxurious images which candidly capture your wedding day.

Editor Notes

Why we love them…

Born from a love of bold and dynamic pictorial storytelling, the team at Tali have perfected the art of the dreamy wedding image. With their distinctive style, they are able to capture emotion and fluidity with such ease. Every frame is considered with beauty and honesty and acts as a reminder of how we wish to see our special day unfold.

For the couple…

You are likely to be the couple who enjoy an element of drama and dynamism to your wedding vision board. The team at Tali are masters in making each moment a serene and romantic one. A must for couples who relish those deep and intimate moments.