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About The Romance

Their mission:

To steer away from the norm and never veer into the commonplace.

To stay fresh minded in design and create spaces with individual personality and style.

Utilising texture, tone, restraint, balance and imagination to turn the most beautiful of dreams into the most beautiful reality.

To evoke feeling.

Behind The Brand


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

I’m drawn to texture, like tones overlapping and elements that create a somewhat hauntingly beautiful aesthetic. Juxtaposing soft and hard or timeless and modern, I really enjoy contradictory elements at play.

My styling always wraps around a feeling I am trying to evoke within the couple upon entering the finished space. Whether it be a breezy sigh of calm, an otherworldly enchantment of the ethereal or giddy heart butterflies as they find themselves surrounded by pure romance. The style of the exterior is always completely inspired by what I want them to feel internally.

I take a very considered approach to the individual couple and what they are hoping to achieve for their day.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

The Romance focuses heavily on styling, event design, floristry and stationery concepts. If a couple wishes for a truly seamless, relaxed and refined experience, I am also able to provide planning and coordination services. Furthermore, I offer a hire range of luxe table wares which always add a very specific ‘The Romance’ vibe to each wedding.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

I adore Europe… France and Italy particularly. The worn buildings and intricate architecture, the swooning accent of a slow talking Parisian, the chic way the woman dress just to walk to the corner store, the cheese (oh my heart, the cheese!)… everything about it brings back the most sumptuous memories and feelings.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a theme or style for their wedding?

First and foremost to begin the creative journey with an open mind and be willing to take risks here and there with the guidance of your stylist. We want your wedding to be gorgeous, fresh and uniquely you and we know how to make that happen. So trust your stylist, remember why you hired them and let the ideas flow.

Your wedding doesn’t even need a theme necessarily. More so, bringing together artfully chosen elements of design that will create a specific energy and soul for your day.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Ethereal styling with a coastal feel, infused with modernity and inimitable detail.


For the couple…

Wanting a seamless and relaxed experience, and an aesthetic wholly personalised  – The Romance can help with styling, event design, floristry and stationery concepts to planning and coordination services.


Styling tips…

Their layering of muted tones and textural adornments can be displayed across both your ceremony and reception.