About Sourceress

Sydney based Interior stylist, Belinda Cendron has curated an eclectic collection of homewares and coastal luxe styling items for your home, event or photoshoot. Featured in Belle, House & Garden, Real Living, Modern Homes and more, Belinda brings a unique and authentic approach to her work and her vast collection of crystals, clamshells, corals, sheepskins and a host of eclectic and vintage wares available for sale and hire. 

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for The Sourceress? Where did your story begin?

The idea of having a styling business was sparked long before I knew having a styling business was a thing! I was deep in my finance career, going through the motions of having a job, doing work for the sake of work and not feeling like I was contributing or creating anything special. I’ve always ‘tuned in’ and listened to what I needed without questioning the message too much. So after a decade in banking, I decided it was time to go. I don’t remember it being a difficult decision. I had done everything I needed to do in corporate and learnt all I could. It was time to go. To where, I didn’t know. “Jump and the net will appear” they say, so I jumped. 6 months in Italy learning Italian, then returning to Australia to a role in branding and licensing, then to roles at Ralph Lauren and Oroton, and ultimately and finally to antiques and interiors. A couple years working with beautiful chandeliers and old timbers and I was home. I knew sourcing beautiful things brought me a joy that I could share with many. Enter Sourceress!


What styles and aesthetics are you loving right now?

My aesthetic has always been pretty consistent. Neutral layered textures with natural materials (linen, stone, timber) and vintage elements (silverware, chandeliers, antique parquetry flooring) with a contrast of modern lines and a hint of whimsy.


What are some of your most popular pieces?

Our sustainably sourced Corals and Giant Clamshells are our most sought-after pieces, followed by our huge range of crystals and agate pieces. Our custom sourcing service means we can usually find what you didn’t know you were looking for!


Are your products for sale, hire or both?



Do you offer a custom made or a bespoke sourcing service?

Yes. As an interior stylist fitting out large commercial venues for the last decade, finding just the right piece, adjusting an existing piece, or having something custom made is a huge part of what we do. Need a pair of huge vintage French chandeliers? We’ve got you covered! Need a 1m wide double giant clamshell? I’ve got you! The biggest chunk of quartz you’ve ever seen, talk to me.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A collection of coastal luxe bohemian wares, ranging from unique and eclectic finds to hand crafted and recycled pieces. Belinda has the eye for acquiring rare treasures.


For the couple…

Who appreciate natural materials, organic shapes and textures.


Styling tips…

Style your wedding or event with a curated collection of Belinda’s bespoke decor. Style french champagne inside oversized clamshells or line your tablescape with a cluster of crystal quartz and coral pieces – all available for hire.