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About The Stars Inside

The Stars Inside is a wedding and elopement planning, styling, and design studio curating meaningful experiences in the world's most beautiful places. Our specialty is bringing to life intentional, intimate celebrations that inspire conversation, delight with considered detail, and feel like home – no matter the size.

Lead planner and creative director Valentina takes on a limited number of events per year so she can offer truly mindful, comprehensive support to her couples every step of the way, giving them time and space for what truly matters.

For an authentic celebration full of light, love, and beauty.

Behind The Brand

What’s your best piece of advice for wedding and event planning?

Much of the wedding planning advice I offer revolves around taking the time to be present and reflecting in a very open and honest way about what matters most to you. Your wedding day is a celebration of your story, the legacy of who you are together, and the families, friends, and experiences that make you both who you are. As such, I always encourage couples to do what is right for them and let go of any preconceptions or expectations they may have about what they’re “supposed” to do. Embracing your own individual style, prioritising your values, and including unique, personalised elements into your wedding will result in the most heartfelt and mindful experience for you and your loved ones, and will also allow you to enjoy investing time and money into creating those lifelong memories.


Do you travel interstate/worldwide?

Absolutely yes! I’m based in London, in the UK, but am always excited to hear from brides and grooms who want to celebrate their love story in a meaningful way through travel. I support couples internationally with destination weddings and soulful elopements all over the world and love helping them find that one place on the map that is both adventure and home all at once. I specialise in creating magic in new places, often without even having seen them in person first! I’ve lived in Europe, South America, and North America, and take every opportunity to visit somewhere new with my husband. This love for discovery of nature and culture is still at the very heart of my life and my brand values, and connecting with couples who share this passion means so much to me.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your work?

The signature at the bottom of my emails says “Head Storyteller”, and for a while before that, it said, “Professional Third Wheel”. All of that is part of what I do! I wouldn’t say I have one specific style, instead, my signature and speciality revolve around the creative process itself.

There are three common threads to all the work I do: storytelling, detail, and integrity. The number one source of inspiration for me is YOU – the snippets of life that we’ll weave into the wedding celebration, and that combination of adventure and meaningful luxury that is completely unique to each couple. Ultimately, it’s all about telling your story through creative wedding design and an immersive journey for all the senses. I’m here to help you elevate, modernise, and embrace whatever it is that you resonate with, and make it authentic to you.

I become friends with the people I work with because I love my job. I take pride in going above and beyond on every event I put my name to and forming real, lasting relationships. I like to describe my wedding services as an artistic collaboration between myself and my couples, and I believe in creating with, rather than creating for. I will come to your day wholeheartedly invested in you, your families, and your lasting love – which is why I only take on a limited number of events and collaborations each year based on style and affinity.


How does the process of wedding planning work?

As a planner, I have a very comprehensive, wholehearted, and holistic approach to my work. My favourite way of partnering with couples is to start working together as early as possible in their wedding planning so that we can take that whole journey together. The process of getting to know one another starts with a discovery consultation and a custom proposal where I outline the support I offer that best reflects the couple’s needs. We’ll then chat over email, a video call, coffee, or cocktails, and find out if we’re the right partners for one another. If a couple decides to book me, we then work very closely to plan and style their celebration together. I love getting to know my couples, as that helps me unlock their one-of-a-kind wedding concept. I encourage frequent calls and catch-ups, unlimited communication over email, and connecting with one another on social media platforms too. I guide them through the planning process to cohesively bring their vision to life step by step, while also giving them the time and serenity to enjoy being engaged. I’m always there to give honest advice and empower them to confidently make decisions that are right for them. We build the wedding experience together from the ground up, in an intentional and efficient way through considered visual details, thorough logistical planning, creative solutions, and a dream team of suppliers that you trust and respect.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

I work very closely with my clients, support them in every decision, create the look and feel of the whole experience, and then ensure it’s executed seamlessly on the day itself. I don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing or packages. I tailor my support to what couples need on both the practical and aesthetic side, so they can do more of what they love, and less of what causes them stress or anxiety.

My aim is always to offer a bespoke service which is as comprehensive as possible, this typically includes matching you with your wedding soulmate team of venues and vendors, navigating marriage legalities and contracts, creating a completely tailored design concept for you, managing and briefing all suppliers throughout the entire process, helping to track and allocate the budget in a smart way, providing useful templates and specialist planning tools, and planning and coordinating all the logistics, timelines, itineraries, and floor plans. On the day itself, no task is too big or too small – I’m on hand to problem solve, smooth over, tidy, keep the schedule ticking, look after all guests and suppliers, oversee every transition, protect your interests, and surround you with beauty. I can also assist with any other events happening around the wedding, like welcome dinners, brunches, and so on. I’ll be on-site with you for as long as you need to give you complete peace of mind and ensure all these memories are full of joy, light, and love.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Valentina’s enthusiasm for her work is both inspiring and contagious. Be prepared for an incredible service experience from start to finish that takes into consideration every detail in the most personal way.


For the couple…

For soulful, imaginative couples looking for a whimsical yet chic celebration infused with authenticity.


Styling tips…

For ease and cohesion across the board, utilise Valentina’s skills in both planning and styling. Also, don’t be shy to dream big and think outside the box, Valentina thrives in creating unique events dripping in character and beauty.