Woven Husk


About Woven Husk

One-of-a-kind custom wall hangings, created by deconstructing elements that nature discards.  Materials like palm husk, seed pods, palm leaf and sepia bone recreated to bring textural, earthy pieces to your space.

Stacy Madden is the Visual Artist behind Woven Husk.  With formal training in Fine Art she creates sculptural pieces as wall hangings, playing with scale and repurposing natural materials.  Her work focuses on the intricate beauty of natural texture and worn surfaces that tell a story.

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for décor styling?

You need to find your own personal style – this is something that may come easily to some, but may be more diffcult to define for others.  Either way, dont be overly lead by trends.  Start with a clean white space as your blank canvas.  I love to keep things light and neutral, for me its evokes calm, or a monochrome pallette adds nice contrast.

I like to add interest through textiles, furniture, artwork and pieces that have special meaning.  This could be items collected on travels, antiques, photographs.  A piece of advice would be to never settle..if you have a particular piece that you want keep searching until you find it, or dont be afraid to find an artisan or furniture maker who can bring your vision to life.


What was the spark for Woven Husk? Where did the story begin?

The story began in my own backyard, surrounded by palm trees, I was in awe of the beautiful seed pods and husks that would drop from them.  Sunbleached and weathered, the textures and tones of these materials were too beautiful to just be discarded, so I started to deconstruct them and reshape them into designs that highlighted their texture and worked perfectly as wall hangings.  All of the materials I use are from nature, and each piece is bespoke and hand made by me.


What inspires you creatively?

Inspiration comes from so many places for me.  Obviously where I live on the Sunshine Coast plays a huge part with its stunning coastal environment, loads of palm trees, earthy textures and a colour pallette I adore.  Im always inspired and excited by the uniqueness of each material I find, its colour and texture, and by the potential to create something completely different each time.

Im also inspired by architecture and interior styling, and I’ll often design pieces with a dream space or style in mind.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Its hard to pick one favourite, but the Greek Islands always comes to mind when asked this question.  Its a place that I dream to go back to (with a good camera this time!) Id love to go there again, with family in tow.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Weekdays are so busy, so weekends are about not having a schedule and trying to slow down.  We live by the beach so that always plays a big part, along with good food, friends and family.


A favorite quote?

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ – Theodore Roosevelt.

I live my life with empathy and compassion for others…but I also march to the beat of my own drum!  I hope this is one thing my children understand and embrace as they grow in a social media obsessed world.