Ethereal Sculptures

Inimitable installations of bold blooms and dried varieties in collaboration with Mrs Gibbons Flowers.

There are few talents who understand The Lane aesthetic, who innately just know our bride and what they are drawn to. They’re those creatives who fuse poetry within every element of their craft, delicately balancing a certain softness with strength, drama with an effortless ease, ethereality with a dark moodiness – a beautiful tension fuelling every decision that pushes the boundaries to create art beyond our wildest dreams…

When this opportunity to collaborate with Amber Gibbons of Mrs Gibbons Flowers on a series of floral installations arose, we admittedly had hesitations having not personally worked with her before. But any doubt was quickly dissolved from the moment we spoke with her, she authentically understood the direction we envisioned and exactly what we wanted to achieve, and then some. Every idea and inspiration she brought to the table was unexpected, yet on point that it elevated our own ideas and ways of thinking, but brought an element of practicality too – thinking beyond just an idea and planning ten steps ahead to avoid any headaches along the way – ie the season, installation process, the space, budget.

With a masterful touch for placement and balance, Amber artfully created a series of sculptures that fused so poetically with the space and The Lane aesthetic they took our breath away. Ephemerally fragile florals and flowing vines were styled with dried varieties and silken fabrics into dramatic sculptures. Steeped in a romantic muted palette, each installation told a story and evoked the inimitable beauty of dusk light on a late spring eve, full of dusty blushes, soft oyster sands and velvety greys. Textures harmoniously danced between hard and soft, while custom made installations sculpted the blooms into abstract and unique forms. 

Planning Tip

If not in Australia, seek a florist who complements your unique aesthetic, one in which you wholeheartedly trust, the certain one who is prepared to spend time understanding your vision and will create design elements not yet seen. Allow your florist the freedom to seek seasonal delicates and feathering foliage to create your most perfect harmonious masterpiece.


See more of Mrs Gibbons Flowers inimitable creations on her website or via The Lane Directory.

Photography / Bulb Creative


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