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Alluring and feminine; styled fragility that finds it’s form in free flowing silhouettes with weightless appeal and lucid lines




Fragile, ethereal, feminine, free flowing



Brushed silvers, blown glass, crystal quartz, concrete, hints of iridescence



A place that represents creative solitude; a dance hall, an artist studio, an exhibition space blanketed by white walls awash with natural light.



Discover a space that is captivatingly beautiful; one that exudes a style of tranquility that overrides a humble yet painstakingly refined hand, where every detail is chosen with extensive thought. Step inside a space of lucid like art forms of blown glass vessels and crystalline candleholders. Find ethereal grace in hand finished ceramics awash with barely blush tones, tables dressed with otherworldly floral varieties such as bearded iris and cyclamen flowers. Iridescent objects feature with discerning repetition alongside silverware, polished and placed with perfection.



Evoke a sense of discerning honesty and vulnerable elegance with lucid like gowns and billowing sheer separates as seen by bridal designer, Lola Varma.



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