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Grew & Co
2019 Campaign

A jewelry campaign capturing the wild mood and decadent jewel tones of the sea, directed by The Lane.

There’s a magic to Grew & Co jewels. Gemstones in flashes of hypnotic emeralds, deep midnight sapphires and piercing white diamonds. Unexpected combinations that dance daringly on the edge of art, yet possess a classicism and timelessness that we search for in fine jewelry. It’s a magic that’s hard to put your finger on. An intuitive design process, uninfluenced by commercialism, guided solely by pure passion for the creative possibilities that lie in each stone discovered.

The dream of two gemologists who met and fell in love while studying, Grew & Co are a brand we’ve long held a strong affinity for. They’re a company that do things differently. Authentically. With a beautiful ease to the way they run their business, a down to earth nature embodied by every person in their team, and a service you will experience no where else in the world – Grew & Co are a small business making waves in the fine jewelry industry. Their inimitable style  attracting a global cult following of customers, allured by their exquisite designs.

“Unexpected combinations that dance daringly on the edge of art, yet possess a classicism and timelessness that we search for in fine jewelry.”

When The Lane Creative Agency was asked to direct Grew & Co’s 2019 Campaign, we were deeply inspired to create imagery which played on the intrinsic nature of their brand; flow and fluidity, artful designs, and decadent jewel tones. We played with the concept of water as a mirror for the brand’s innate qualities, creating photographs that reflected wild mood of the ocean, dancing light, undulating movement and tones of the sea.

Featuring Tahitian born model Hanalei Reponty whose love of the ocean embodied the soul of this campaign, captured by the wildly spirited eye of photographer Jennifer Stenglein, here is a look the 2019 campaign set in the magical surrounds of Byron Bay hinterland…

Shop the full collection or book a consultation for a bespoke design via the Grew & Co website, and visit the new Grew & Co Jewelry and Objet boutique in Sydney opening December 5th, 2018. More details here.

Photography / Jennifer Stenglein

Creative Direction / Karissa Dalton @ The Lane Creative Agency

Model / Hanalei Reponty

Styling / Emma Westblade @ The Lane Creative Agency

Hair & Makeup / Angie Barton @ The Jam



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